Gideons International, May 2019

Sharing Hope:
Ministry in Taiwan

Sharing Hope: Ministry in Taiwan

In a country filled with traditional and folk religions that do not point people to Christ, Gideons and Auxiliary in Taiwan have the incredible opportunity to share the hope of the Gospel. It is estimated that Christians make up less than 6% of Taiwan’s population, so the presence of a church building is a welcomed sight for Gideons, as the Church remains a valuable partner for sharing a message about Jesus Christ with communities across Taiwan.


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A Portrait of
Faithfulness and Generosity

The Power of Mentorship (Plus Free Mentorship Model Download)

Mentors are the people in our lives who deepen our walks with Jesus, push us to be better, and disciple us in maturity. As Gideons strive side-by-side for the faith of the Gospel, relationships are built including that of mentors pouring into younger members. This story of two Gideons in east Tennessee is just one example of such a relationship.


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