“Why Men Hate Going to Church” (11AM, Sunday, July 15 & 29)

With the encouragement of the Worship Work Group and Revitalization Team, Mike McOrmond will be leading a 2 week training session using a DVD by David Murrow on Sunday July 15 and July 29 from 11AM-12Noon for teens and adults in the SRC air conditioned gym.

July 15- WHY DO MEN HATE GOING TO CHURCH? 1) Men think church is for women, wimps, and weirdos. 2) Men think that church is a waste of time. 3) Christian culture leans increasingly toward the feminine. 4) It’s hard for a man to win at church.

July 29- 10 WAYS TO MAN UP YOUR CHURCH (without scaring women away) Fast-growing churches have one thing in common: they’re full of enthusiastic men. This fast-paced session will help us identify ten roadblocks to male involvement and give us practical tools to help our congregation attract and engage men and boys.