News from the Fields’, March 2018

Brand new video

This video gives you a fantastic view into life here at Bible School.

Dave is in this video, so our family is pretty proud of it:)


300 Amazing students

Our sister Bible school from Michigan is visiting this weekend! They are here for fun and sports and to try to win the cup. This morning we all met for chapel to sing together and listen to our guest speaker. The singing was amazing!!! I wish you could’ve heard it!


Thank you to our supporters and prayer partners for your partnership so that we get to live among these amazing God-lovers!!

We are so privileged for the relationships we get to enjoy and all the life we get to spend with our students.

We thank the Lord for His amazing love and grace,
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field.

Resurrection Sunday Services & Breakfast (April 1)

The Second Reformed Church of Marion (3757 Mill Street) invites you to celebrate Easter with us on Sunday, April 1, 2018. Here is our schedule of events:

7:00-7:30AM Sunrise Service at Marion Town Park

7:45-8:00AM Coffee Time in the SRC Gym

8:00-9:00AM Easter Breakfast in the SRC Gym

9:30-10:45AM Easter Worship Service in the Church

Join us as we celebrate our risen Lord Jesus!


The “All In” Love of Jesus (Sermon Series Begins March 25)

You are invited to join us this Sunday morning at 9:30AM and be inspired by the “All In” Love of Jesus that fueled His servanthood, sacrificial death, resurrection, and post-resurrection appearances.

Date Speaker “The All In Love of Jesus” Sermon Series Text
25-Mar Don White The Full Extent of His Love Mark 11:1-11
(Palm Sunday)
29-Mar Don White The Full Experience of His Cross Mark 15:21-39
(Maundy Thursday)
1-Apr Don White The Full Expectation of His Empty Tomb Mark 16:1-13
8-Apr Don White The Full Empathy of His Appearances John 20-21

Schwaderer’s News March 2018

March 2018

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven….

A time to be born, and a time to die;” (Ecclesiastes 3:1,2).

This past February, Carolee’s mother, Lynne Munson, passed on to be with the Lord after suffering with cancer for the last couple of years. She was a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and is now with Him never to suffer those pains again! Carolee had felt a very strong pressing from the Lord to fly to the United States in January to help Lynne, who was living alone, and now we are so thankful that Carolee got to be with her mom in the last few weeks of her life and at the time of her passing.  What a glorious and sure hope we have, all that believe and put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. I’m afraid that most people don’t take death or their relationship with God seriously, so it is all of our jobs to get the gospel to as many as we can before it’s too late.

I like to play tennis for exercise, and last week I was able to witness to a new partner the other day after he beat me! Please pray for Israel, a very nice man who listened to me tell him a bit about the book of Revelation, and what was going to happen in the great tribulation. He actually said it scared him and wanted to know why God would do those things to us.  I asked him to read the book of Revelation in order get him in the Bible, and I plan on talking to him again soon.

In eleven years on the field, I have never taken a full year furlough, just twice I have been to the US for a few months for our daughters’ weddings and Rebekah’s graduation, but at the direction of the Lord, we will be taking a five month furlough from April to last week of August. We will be in New York in April, in Pennsylvania in May, and Ohio in June–after that, I´m not sure of our schedule. If you would like me to come and give an update or preach I would be glad to do so. Obviously, I cannot get to all of our supporters as they are spread all over the U.S., as much as I would love to see all of you. If you would like to have me come, please contact me through email at and I will do my best to be able to come.

Sincerely the Schwaderer family

Tom and Leslie Johnson – March 2018


News from Tom and Leslie Johnson
Tom and His Sabbatical, or should we say, “Medical Leave”?
In our last newsletter I said the first weeks of my sabbatical had turned into medical leave instead of research leave. That was true of several weeks till I received excellent help at Duke Medical Center in Durham, NC. I was diagnosed with several food allergies and microscopic colitis. I am feeling better after substantial changes in diet and starting a med for the colitis. The docs said my grumpy gut may generally be the result of 25 years of travel in places where the food and water are not safe, leading to many bouts of food poisoning and intestinal irritations. The colitis went into remission day 3 on the med, but I do not know if it will return when I finish the med. I may have to use colitis meds long term.
This seems to be the Lord’s push to adjust how I do my job. Generally, I expect to travel less and do more from my desk. There are some specifics I have to change; for example, never eat in a restaurant without running water. The risk of food poisoning is sky high! (Experience!) And when in Rome, I can eat more seafood but must avoid most of the pasta, since I have a wheat allergy but do not have an allergy to fish or other seafood.
In the last five years of intense travel related to the persecution of Christians, I have already met most of the key people I needed to meet, including dozens of top Catholic leaders, senior representatives of every branch of Christianity, and representatives of several other religions. I have talked with diplomats, journalists, scholars, and royalty about the causes and patterns of religious persecution, including religiously motivated violence. I have listened in person to persecuted Christians from many countries as they told their stories. Now I must use what I learned, as well as the access to so many people, without so much travel.
I am sure the world needs a higher level of Protestant/Catholic cooperation in response to persecution, and it is my job to work in this direction. But I am not as sure as I would like to be about exactly what I have to initiate, what my specific next steps are. I need God’s wisdom as I am reading, thinking, corresponding, and praying. There are different ways I could play my role, and there are different types of cooperative programs I can imagine. Pray for wisdom.
I am also developing a list of books and essays I want to write (or rewrite) in coming years. Many of these have to do with ethics, human rights, and culture, the questions that have been on my mind since I glimpsed the horrors of the persecution of the Jews in the Holocaust, when I was a teenager. Here too I need the Lord’s wisdom. It is easy to invest a lot of time and energy into researching and writing a text that does not help anyone. I want to use my time well. Please pray for wisdom.
As you will see from Leslie’s report, she is much in demand to talk and consult about education. It seems to be the time for her to travel more and me to travel less as we go about the jobs we think God has given us. Thank you for your essential role!

Here, there, and everywhere…in Europe  Leslie’s News

This winter, I spent time working on different speeches I am giving this spring. I have already started attending conferences where these talks will be given. There is some variety of what the topics are:

  • Student-centered Spiritual Formation: what a Christian school needs to have in place for children to grow in their faith. This is being given at two different national school administrators’ conferences in central Europe.
  • Why a Christian school. This is for two different talks, one to parents and one to pastors and theologians.
  • Helping teachers develop spiritually. This will be for a conference of Christian educators from around Europe.
  • Teaching with Cultural Intelligence. This is a training I am giving at CISP.

Another task in addition to conference speeches is leading an accreditation team who will visit a Christian international school in May. I find the process a school goes through to get accredited is an excellent way to improve the school. It becomes a great encouragement to the school. Thus, it is a rewarding process to be a part of that process.

Places I am going include:
  • Czech Republic (of course!)
  • Poland
  • Slovenia
  • Bulgaria
  • Turkey

I would covet your prayers for me to communicate clearly and to be an encouragement to Christian educators whatever their school environment. Please also pray for safety in the various travels to make these presentations.

Thank you so much!

We appreciate you all and are thankful for the Lord’s work through you!

We have been suffering “temperature shock,” going from 15 C/59 F in North Carolina to -15 C/5 F in Prague. It made for an icy river walk.
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We thank the Lord for:

  • Good answers to Tom’s health challenges this winter and an improvement in his health.
  • A lovely place for us to stay during the winter months connected with a church in Durham, NC. Our BIG thanks to the kind folks at Guess Road Baptist Church!
  • Safety in traveling back to Prague.

Please join us in praying for:

  • Health for Tom as well as wisdom on how to cook and eat with his new parameters; he is also experiencing a lot of hip pain. Pray for pain management and answers on possible fix to the problem.
  • For wisdom for Tom as he thinks through his writing projects, as well as how to manage his work.
  • Leslie’s work speaking engagements this spring, and safety to and from those conferences;
  • Persecuted Christians around the world who are suffering great loss;
  • Wisdom for Tom as he shifts to the next phase in his work;
  • Leslie’s work on websites for Tom and her, as well as developing her speaking ministry.

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Thank you SO much!

7.5 Earthquake in Papua, New Guinea

According to David Hilt, former missionary to Papua, New Guinea:

Updated: More than 300 injured and 30 dead in the aftermath of Papua New Guinea’s 7.5 earthquake that hit in the wee hours of Sunday morning. All our personnel are safe though there is a lot of devastation. Continued prayers appreciated.