Ethnos360 Bible Institute (David and Kim Field, formerly New Tribes Bible Institute)

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A thriving church for every people

Ethnos360: A Thriving Church for Every People

Of the world’s 6,500 people groups, 2,500 are still unreached. Ethnos360, founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission, helps local churches train, coordinate and send missionaries to these peoples.

Why have we changed our name to Ethnos360?

Because we’re positioning to reach a changing world.

Our founders had a vision for reaching the world: “By unflinching determination we hazard our lives and gamble all for Christ until we have reached the last tribe regardless of where that tribe might be.” (Brown Gold magazine, Issue 1, May 1943)

That’s a far-reaching vision. A vision that represents God’s heart for the world. A vision that’s worth our getting passionate about and working together to make it a reality.

That vision hasn’t changed, but the world has. We face new challenges, and we are learning to face them together — relying upon God to unite His people to overcome them for His glory.

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  • Ethnos 360 – The Fields’ – September 2019 September 7, 2019

    We joined 30 students on a trip to

    Missions training center in Canada!

    This past summer the students at the missionary training center lived for a month in a house each family built out of plastic, poles, twine and lots of duct tape!!

    There was a forest full of 15 beautiful plastic homes!!

    They were learning how difficult life off the grid might be when they are missionaries overseas.

    This past weekend we got to join 30 of our Bible school students to take a road trip to the “jungle camp”!

    The students at the jungle camp gave our students 2 days of classes around the fire on God’s heart for those who have never heard the gospel.

    They impacted our students on what our job as Christians should be!

    Hearts were listening and open to be used by the Lord…in whatever way He asked.

    We are only praising the Lord!!
    Dave & Kim Field

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  • Ethnos 360 – The Fields’ August 2019 September 7, 2019

    What is our family celebrating?

    Our 10th anniversary!

    We continually thank the Lord for allowing us to serve Him here at Bible School. The beautiful God-loving students we get to live among amaze us every single year. We pray for many more years to get to continue this life God has given us.

    What has happened just this week?
    Student leadership camping trip!

    We got to spend 5 days with the student room leaders and enjoy the beauty of creation together. There were around 120 of us in tents/hammoks and we got to eat great food swim, sing, hike, share, have wonderful conversations, and bond together. It was super special because our son Reece was one of the student leaders! Clark, who is 16 enjoys the many brothers he has surrounding him too. It was absolutely fantastic!


    3 Days until the semester begins!!!

    Please pray for the 100 Freshmen who are driving here right now. Please also pray for the upper classmen as they do a beautiful job of very warmly welcoming all the newcomers. This is going to be a year of growth and maturity and stretching and faith building for all of us!

    Thank you so very much for praying for us!!
    Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

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  • Fields – July 2019 July 2, 2019

    Opportunity is found in changes…

    Our year of transitions!!

    Transition #1  Maybe you didn’t know this, but there is a 2nd Ethnos360 Bible School just like ours, but in Michigan. Our mission has decided to close that school, and our school will now take all the students. Since we will have a larger enrollment here now, our family has been asked to move from our apartment to a different home here on campus. They need our current apartment for their expansion plans. They don’t need our place till January, so we have a few months to keep enjoying our home.

    Transition #2 This year Clark transitioned from home school, to online high school, which was a very positive transition! It is a perfect fit and Clark blasted the year out of the park with A’s! We have also seen him transition to closer relationships with the students as he keeps getting closer to their age.  He will soon begin his Junior year and starting a job as well! Clark is maturing into a humble, Godly young man!

    Transition #3 This year Reece left home to move into the dorm here at Bible School. He has absolutely thrived and enjoyed a wonderful first year in every way! We watch in thankfulness as God stretches and grows him and uses him to bless everyone around him. However, there is the normal transition for each of us as he isn’t a part of our daily life like we are used to.

    Transition #4 Reece has a girlfriend!! Her name is Rachel Lane, and we sure have enjoyed getting to know her during her 2 years as a student! She will work in the dining hall as an intern this next year, so we look forward to all the wonderful adventures we will get to enjoy with her this next year. Rachel is pure blessing!!

    Dave & I have our 23rd Anniversary tomorrow!!! God has blessed us with so many amazing years of adventures, joys, blessings and transitions! This year our big transitions have been about our sons growing up and living the lives the Lord has prepared them for. It is exciting to see them fly, yet a little sad too as all of you parents with grown kids understand.

    Transitions mean adjustments…please pray for each of us as we adjust and watch God so amazingly take care of each of our needs.

    Thank you for your prayers for us …. God has great plans for this next year!!
    Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

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  • The Fields – Ethnos 360 April 27, 2019

    Good Friday and Easter. Two celebrations that everyone should have the chance to hear about. Please pray for the 150 students who are asking the Lord how they can each be a part of God’s plan to shine Jesus to the world.

    How has April been? Clark turned 16 and Reece turned 20. Those are big deals! We love how God is growing our sons into men who love Him and love others!

    April has also been full of activities with the students! Bonfires, grilling out, playing at the lake, anything the students think up… we love joining them in life.

    Three weeks of classes left until graduation…the saddest day for us as we say goodbye. But exciting as the students enter the next season of their life ready to be used where God puts them.

    Thank you so very much for partnering with us by praying for us or helping with our monthly support.

    In Christ,
    Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

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  • Field’s news – February 2019 February 5, 2019


    “It has never been so loud in our house as last

    night when we were playing the game

    ‘superfight’ with a bunch of students!”

    By living here among the students, we get to have them in our home at any moment’s notice, and we LOVE it!

    Another cool thing is that after they graduate, we get to follow them and see how God is living through them to spread His name around the world.

    Here are 2 very encouraging examples of 2 students who had some exciting news this week!

    “I just had my LAST language evaluation ever!! I am still in shock. 10 years ago I started praying for the tribe the Lord wanted us to  go to and a person to teach me the language. There have been a ton of women help me, but Tsame has been the main faithful one! So thankful for her, and that we are one step closer to telling her the truth about God!” #reachWANTAKIA


    “BIG news! I am so, SO proud of this guy. We just had our language consultants out, we had our language evaluations…and Jack is DONE! He is done with language study! He has officially been cleared to start Bible translation in the Wantakia language!! This day has been a long time coming. He wasn’t nervous, he wasn’t scrambling to brush up on grammar or study the night before, he just walked in and killed it! It was a precious moment getting to tell Keko, who helps Jack without fail every week, that his work has carried fruit! It is by God’s grace and help that our team has gotten this crazy, complex language so fast. The day is coming soon when the Wantakia people will get to hear God’s story for the first time in their heart language!”

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  • News from the Fields – January 2019 January 17, 2019

     What time is it?

    Time to be involved in God’s story!





    The beautiful praise songs filled the whole room!

    A new semester started here today and this huge building full of Jesus followers are actively shining His light. They are also spending 2 years studying the Word to be more prepared as they take His light out around the World.

    • We are super thankful to be here.
    • We know God is growing all of us.
    • We are enjoying the adventure of shining for Him.

    Thank you for partnering with our family so we get to be here among these crazy amazing Jesus followers!

    God is good,
    Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field


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  • News from the Fields – August 2018 August 28, 2018

    August 19, 2018

    Reece is a Freshman here at Bible School

    It feels strange for Dave, Clark & I in our new lives as 3, but we are super happy for Reece to move into the dorm!! He is 100% excited for these next 2 years and EVERYTHING that God has planned for him.
    Classes start tomorrow!!

    Dorm Room leadership

    Each dorm room has an RA, and they just finished a week-long leadership camping trip. We loved being able to join them and get to know these AMAZING men and women who are so in love with the Lord and love serving. We just shake our heads at their strong faith and love being able to know them.

    Dave will continue his Masters degree

    Last year was busy for Dave as he taught full time here at Bible School, oversaw the teaching team, studied for his Masters, and life here with the students etc. But we have found some ideas to add margin back into his schedule, while continuing his next class at Trinity. We will keep our eyes open for overload. Please pray for wisdom and strength as Dave and studies what he loves so that he can better teach the students here. 

    Clark is in 10th grade!

    Clark will be doing on-line school at home this year and we are so thankful we get to have him with us! He is super excited to get to know the 15 guys and girls that are in our dorm family this year! Clark loves every chance he gets to hang out with the students! It’s going to be a GREAT year!!

    What will I do this year?

    I’ll bake cookies and text Reece that cookies are ready and to bring his dorm room down for coffee and cookies. 🙂 (It worked the 1st time:) I’ll also keep busy helping in child-care so student moms can go to classes, and I’ll help at the front desk answering phones. I also look forward to teaching Clark well, as these years with him home are priceless. I will also enjoy investing in my dorm girls.

    We are off to a new year full of transition and excitement!! Thank you for being our friends and prayer warriors…we need it!!
    Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field


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  • Ethnos 360 – Kim & Dave Field April 26, 2018






    What has April been like?

    I (Kim) was just on our porch (here in the big Bible school building) having lunch with a student, while students were all over the front lawn enjoying the sun rays. I also saw Clark and a bunch of staff kids playing frisbee with them and Sarah commented, ” your life here is so amazing, but so odd at the same time. ” What she meant by amazing is the absolute privilege of being constantly surrounded by God-loving young people who touch our lives every day with beautiful Jesus. And what she meant by odd, is how this unique life is daily normal life for us.

    We live in a unique place for sure, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and prayers that allow us to even be here.

    This month Dave has a paper due and his final exam for his class at Trinity. In his world here at Bible School he just started teaching a new class which happens to be a class he just took at Trinity, so he has a lot to offer the students.

    Reece turned 19 this Month. He is working at a furniture store saving to come to this Bible School in August! He is wanting to go on a missions team to Brazil this June and is trusting the Lord to bring people along to support him to raise the $ needed.

    Clark turned 15 this month. He is helping Reece on a fence-building project, and is doing amazing in 9th grade!! He has found that he absolutely enjoys guitar and also martial arts.

    Partnering with you,

    Dave, Kim Reece & Clark Field

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  • News from the Fields’, March 2018 March 27, 2018

    Brand new video

    This video gives you a fantastic view into life here at Bible School.

    Dave is in this video, so our family is pretty proud of it:)


    300 Amazing students

    Our sister Bible school from Michigan is visiting this weekend! They are here for fun and sports and to try to win the cup. This morning we all met for chapel to sing together and listen to our guest speaker. The singing was amazing!!! I wish you could’ve heard it!


    Thank you to our supporters and prayer partners for your partnership so that we get to live among these amazing God-lovers!!

    We are so privileged for the relationships we get to enjoy and all the life we get to spend with our students.

    We thank the Lord for His amazing love and grace,
    Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field.

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  • Ethos 360 News/Fields January 25, 2018

    Today marks the day of a brand new semester here at

    Ethnos 360 Bible Institute


    We got to have my (Kim’s) parents here during Christmas break! We are so thankful for the awesome memories we made with them!

    Dave started taking another class at seminary. He so enjoys his class and how he gets to use what he is learning and apply it straight to his daily teaching here at Bible School!I

    Clark is loving his martial arts class and just graduated to the next belt level!I He is doing so great in school too!! Reece is working hard at his job so that he will save enough to attend Bible School here this Fall.

    Thank you so very much for praying for our family in this brand new semester! God has some great plans for these students and for us as well!

    Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

    Ethnos360 Bible Institute
    915 N. Hartwell Ave.
    Waukesha, WI


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