Africa Inland Mission (Rod and Lori Kraybill)

AIM is an evangelical interdenominational missionary society, assisting churches in sending missionary personnel to the peoples of Africa, to work with African churches to evangelize people who have not heard the good news, and to train leaders for the varied ministries of the church. Projects include evangelism, hospitals, clinics, community development, Bible teaching, youth work, schools, seminaries, agriculture, ministry to children and orphans, training nurses and doctors, aviation, Bible translation, missionary training, construction, radio, literature and tract production, youth camps, ethno-musicology and missionary services.
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  • News for the Kraybills – January 2020 January 15, 2020

    Dear Prayer Partners,

    Greetings from very warm Florida where we have been having record weather in the 80s this week.  We started the new year with a bang as we moved to another duplex within the AIM retirement community, 3rd time since we have been in the States.  We are thankful for the larger and lighter house that we are currently at!

    We would appreciate your prayers as we fly out today on a month-long trip to 3 African countries.

    North Africa:  Rod will be facilitating training on interpersonal skill, what healthy conflict looks like, and a life coaching skills workshop.  We will also be spending time visiting and encouraging several families that work in NA.  We will also be joining Lori’s co-workers on a working group tour for the travel company that she works for.  Pray that we would be an encouragement to the workers that we spend time with.  Pray that the training that is being offered will be helpful to further kingdom work in this country.

    Senegal:  We will be in Dakar, Senegal from Feb 4-7.  Pray for good connections with leaders over these few days along with continual wisdom and direction as we seek God on His timing for us to go live and serve in Senegal.   Pray for Lori as she returns to Florida after our time in Senegal.   

    Kenya:  Rod will continue to Kenya to be involved in the AIM leadership meetings that he has helped organize.  There will be leaders from all over Africa attendingPray that the leadership training happening that week, would be beneficial and strategic   Pray for openness and unity as the AIM leaders grow and move forward together.   

    Pray that we would be salt and light and an encouragement to those that we interact with this next month.  Pray for safety as we travel and hopefully some rest along the way.

    Praise for Alanna – she was able to find a place to live and has moved in with 2 other young women, PTL!  Pray for the 3 of them as they get to know and learn to live with each other.

    Pray for Autumn and Anissa as they are in their 2nd week of their spring semester at college.  Pray that they would continue to work hard and adjust to not having roommates this semester. 

    From the Islands: Please pray for an extended family of three believing sisters who are undergoing a lot of attack right now. On the same day that one of the sister’s daughters had a second attack from an evil spirit, another of the sister’s and her daughter were hospitalized after they both suddenly got very sick. The next day the other sister and a niece also got sick. It has come to light that there is also some kind of demonic presence ‘living’ in one of their houses – maybe through her non-believing husband? Right now, it looks like the enemy has the upper hand, but we know that God is greater! Please pray with us that all these attacks would only serve to push the whole family into Jesus’ hands. 

    We appreciate your prayers and partnership in His work!

    Rod & Lori

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  • The Kraybills – December 2019 December 11, 2019

    Dear Friends,

    Although Thanksgiving has come and gone and we’ve quickly moved on to the Christmas season, we wanted to reflect on how thankful we are for each of you.  We have much to be thankful for and the source of our gratitude comes from our Heavenly Father.

    So many times, when I am down or discouraged, and only thinking of myself, I am reminded to give thanks.  Many of my favorite verses from Colossians end with thankfulness, giving thanks and having a thankful heart.  When we give thanks to God for all He has done and given us, we are centering our eyes and lives on Hi

    A fw things that we are thankful for this year:

    We are thankful each of you; your words of encouragement, prayers and financial gifts.

    We are thankful for having the opportunity to be closer to our girls and families for a season.

    We are thankful for a church family and having opportunities to fellowship and serve.

    We are thankful to be able to keep working with AIM from the States.  We consider it a joy to use our gifts and abilities for Him and Kingdom work in reaching the unreached in Africa and beyond.

    We are thankful for God’s provision as we prayed and waited on Him in so many ways this year.

    The time of Advent has come upon us.  A tradition for our family, that started when we worked on the Islands, was the lighting of the advent candles the four Sundays before Christmas.  As we celebrate the first coming of Christ and wait expectantly for His second coming, we light the candles of hope, peace, joy and love.  Each night when we relight the candle of the week, I am mesmerized by the flame from the candle.  Jesus came as a light into a dark world.  Our hope and prayer is that our lives would reflect His light living in us.  We want to be believers that bring Him glory and praise wherever He has placed us.

    Our family was together for the first time in four years for Thanksgiving, so thankful!  We had the opportunity to go to St. Augustine (Florida) for one night and see the sights.  The pictures below are of our time there.  If you don’t have our latest family photo prayer card and would like one, please send us your mailing address and we’ll send one out to you.

    Love from,

    Rod and Lori


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  • The Kraybills – October 2019 October 21, 2019

    Dear Friends,

    Hope you are enjoying your pumpkin spice latte as we sip our iced coffee in Florida’s high 80-degree temps.  We wanted to share about what we have been up to recently.  Last month we had the opportunity to visit one of our supporting churches and church family in Illinois.  Returning to this community felt like coming home as this church is where Lori went to youth group, we were married almost 26 years ago, and we started our family here.  We were encouraged by our time with friends, church fellowship, and sharing in several small groups.

    We enjoy the opportunity to talk about how God is working in Africa and with Africans around the world, and our part in this process.  Unreached People Groups (UPGs) are a big part of who AIM is working with.  We were able to share a clip explaining what UPGs are and what our part as a church is in reaching them.  Pray for more workers to reach out to UPGs around the world.  Click on this link if you would like to understand more about UPG’s:

    We have spent a lot of time praying about what next steps God has for us after this season in the States.  During this time of seeking God, we received an email from our AIM leaders asking if we would consider a new ministry in West Africa.  After survey trips, lots of prayers and invitation from local churches, AIM feels called to work alongside local ministries in reaching UPGs in 4 French speaking, Muslim, West African countries:  Mali, Niger, Guinea and Senegal.  Of those 4 countries, we feel God specifically leading us towards Senegal. Our work there will be to lay the foundation for AIM ministry by developing partnerships with local churches and mission agencies.  Please pray for wisdom about the timing of when we should go to Senegal.  We will be going to Morocco in January for work and have a small timeframe where we can spend a few days in Senegal.  Pray that during this time we would have clarity and confirmation that this is the Lord’s leading.

    Praise & Prayer:

    -Rod and Lori were able to be trained in Debriefing last month.  Pray that this training would allow us to help missionaries be able to process their stories in a safe place to bring new understanding and clarity.

    -Alanna has now been living and working in AIM’s US office in Peachtree City, Georgia for over 3 months.  She is enjoying her role as Third Culture Kids coordinator and has recently developed a web-based resource to help missionary parents with their kids.  Pray that Alanna would continue to build friendships and find a place to live in the next month.

    Autumn continues to work very hard in her senior year of college.  She will be getting her 3 remaining wisdom teeth removed during her fall break this next week.  Pray that this procedure would go well and that she would have a quick recovery before she returns to college.

    -Anissa has now been at college for 6 weeks and is doing great.  She loves the Occupational Therapy program and is working hard at her classes.  She is in an apartment with 2 non-Christian girls which allows her to be a light to them and have some good conversations.  Pray that she would keep working hard, be motivated for her classes, and have wisdom in relationships.

    We are so thankful for you and your partnership with us!

    Rod & Lori

    P.S. Family photo was taken at our niece’s wedding in August.

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