Africa Inland Mission (Rod and Lori Kraybill)

AIM is an evangelical interdenominational missionary society, assisting churches in sending missionary personnel to the peoples of Africa, to work with African churches to evangelize people who have not heard the good news, and to train leaders for the varied ministries of the church. Projects include evangelism, hospitals, clinics, community development, Bible teaching, youth work, schools, seminaries, agriculture, ministry to children and orphans, training nurses and doctors, aviation, Bible translation, missionary training, construction, radio, literature and tract production, youth camps, ethno-musicology and missionary services.
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  • Kraybill October 2018 Update October 20, 2018

    Dear Friends,

    Greetings from beautiful, warm Minneola, Florida!  We’re thankful to God for the opportunity to live at AIM’s retirement center for this year.  We’re slowly getting used to being in the States and are thankful for your prayers as we continue to make this transition.  He is good and faithful!  Thank you for your prayers as we’ve been church searching.  We have decided to start attending a small evangelical church here called, “The Grove.”  We hope to grow and bear fruit as we attend and serve in this church.

    In September we made a 2 ½ week trip up north through Atlanta and then to Lancaster, PA and finally Marion, NY.  We were grateful to be able to visit AIM’s headquarters near Atlanta.  This office supports us and all the US AIM missionaries in many ways.  We were blessed to spend time with Rod’s family in Pennsylvania, and our supporting church there.  The highlight of our time was to be a part of Rod’s Grandma’s 100th birthday.  Grandma Keener has been a big prayer warrior for us and so many others.  It was a joy to help celebrate the 100 years God has given her.  We then went up to NY to visit our supporting church near Rochester.  We were able to share what God is doing in Africa as AIM seeks to reach the unreached.  We also shared how we’ve been able to help in this process by being dorm parents for missionary kids and equipping missionary leaders to fulfill their ministry roles through training, life coaching and leadership development.   We’re looking forward to visiting another supporting church in OH in November.  We’re so thankful for our partnering churches and supporters who give to us in many ways! 

    We have counted it a joy to be able to spend the last 3 months with our oldest daughter, Alanna, as she looks for a job.  Although, she hasn’t found a job yet, we know that God will provide something for her.  Please join with us in praying for Alanna during this waiting time as she continues to fill out applications.  Pray against discouragement for her and that she would continue to trust in God to meet all of her needs.  Autumn and Anissa continue to enjoy their time in Thailand and Costa Rica.  Autumn has been learning Thai and helping with different outreaches to kids in the slums and helping university students learn English.  Anissa has been growing in her faith through her time in Costa Rica.  She loves learning Spanish and is enjoying her many Bible classes.  She’s looking forward to their mission trip in November to work with kids in Panama.  Please continue to pray for Autumn and Anissa as they keep on being stretched through their time overseas.

    We have been getting emails this week from a family who works on one of the Islands where we used to serve.  Their island has seen a lot of political unrest over the years and is currently experiencing significant turmoil and gunfire on the streets.  Their family and the local people have all been housebound this week as they wait for the fighting to end.  Please pray for Tom and Megan, along with their kids and the two other team members.  Pray that they would be a light for those around them during this difficult time.

    Thanks for your prayers,

    Rod and Lori

    Rod with his Grandma Keener who celebrated 100 years of life!

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  • Kraybill Family – September 2018 October 13, 2018

    “We wanted to share this official letter so that you could hear how valuable your partnership is with us. Your prayers and donations are making a positive impact in Africa and beyond for the advancement of His Kingdom”

    Letter about the Kraybill Family

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  • Kraybill August, 2018 News September 27, 2018

    Dear Praying Friends,

    We’ve been back in the States for a little over 2 months.  We have gone from being in cold & gray Kijabe to hot & sunny Florida; driving for 1 ½ hours for groceries to now only driving a few minutes; having limited choices to having sooo many options.  We are definitely feeling some culture shock and are many times overwhelmed with life here, but we are slowly adjusting to being in the U.S. and living in Florida.  As we’re starting to settle into the home we are house-sitting, church hunting and beginning to work; it will soon feel like we’re putting down roots.  Pray for us as we transition to life back in the States and living for the first time in Florida.

    We’re thankful for the time we’ve had with both sides of our family, and for being able to spend 10 days together as an immediate family.    Goodbyes are a big part of our life, and they are never easy.  It was hard to leave our dorm girls, friends and community at RVA, and we have already started the goodbyes in Florida.  We said goodbye to Anissa 3 weeks ago, as she left for her 4-month stay in Costa Rica with Torch Bearers.   She is attending a Bible school in San Jose which also does service, outreach, and missions to the local community and beyond.  Two weeks ago, we said goodbye to Autumn as she flies to Thailand for her 3-month missions study abroad program through her college.  She will be living in Bangkok, working with a missionary family, doing local outreach and learning Thai language and culture.  Pray for Anissa and Autumn in their time abroad as they grow and serve the Lord where they are living.  Alanna is living here with us in Florida and is currently job hunting.  Please pray for wisdom and direction as Alanna looks for a job in the Orlando area, transitions to life after college, and starts to make Florida her home.

    So, what are we up to in Florida?

    • We are on Home Assignment (furlough) until the end of December, and then we are planning to work for AIM in Florida until 2021.  We hope to see many of you in the next 3 years as we visit family, friends, churches and supporters across the US.
    • We are house-sitting a couple’s house at AIM’s retirement center in Minneola, FL for the next year.  We hope to find housing nearby after that.
    • Rod will continue with his exact same AIM role doing training, life coaching, and leadership development with missionaries and leaders.
    • Lori will be serving at AIM’s retirement center in various ways, such as office support, caregiving, and cleaning.
    • We will continue to be full-time members of AIM and will need to be 100% financially supported.

    Please pray for us as we grow and serve where God has planted us for the next 3 years.

    If you would like to see and hear where we are living and serving, please click on this link:

    Thank you for your faithful prayers and support of us,

    Rod and Lori, Alanna, Autumn & Anissa


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  • Kraybill News – Praise and Prayer February 24, 2018

    Dear Pray-er’s,

    Greetings from Kenya!

    Praise #1:

    We wanted to give everyone an update about the Koinonia AIM Leadership meetings that ended a short time ago.  First, thank you SO much for praying and lifting up this vital time for the 150 AIM leaders.  It was wonderful and powerful time together.  I heard so many positive reports and feedback after this gathering. How rare and unique is it that so many leaders from around the globe can gather and hear from each other and the Lord.  I’m very encouraged and sense new invigorating changes happening inside AIM and amongst our African ministry partnership.  Praise the Father with us that His servants were encouraged, challenged, and left the gathering with renewed passion and purpose for their ministry and leadership roles.

    Praise #2:

    Last week Rod received notification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), that they have recognized and awarded him the next level as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  This is something he has been working towards since 2014, so it feels like a significant milestone.  Praise the Father with us, as we watch how the Lord will further use these skills and abilities He has given, to ennoble His people around the globe.

    Prayer #1:

    Next week on Wednesday (Feb.28th), Rod will undergo a double hernia operation here at the Kijabe hospital located just 5 minutes from our home.  This is not an emergency operation but one that is required.  Rod will stay at the hospital overnight and then return home to rest on Thursday.  According to Google , the recovery time is 3 weeks for a single hernia operation.  We are not quite sure what that means for a double hernia operation.  Regardless, we would appreciate your prayers for the medical surgeon, the operation process here in Kenya, and for a swift recovery afterwards.

    Thanks for standing with us in Praise & Prayer!

    Rod & Lori Kraybill

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  • Krabill News – Time Sensitive February 8, 2018

    (Early February)

    We wanted to ask for prayer for the upcoming AIM leadership meetings happening this week. There are 150 AIM leaders and African partners coming together for 6 days in Nairobi, Kenya.   These leaders have come from around the world for this gathering.  Here are just some of the locations represented:  Canada, USA, Brazil, England, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, France, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, plus those who are severing in 23 wonderfully different countries on the continent of Africa.   So many nationalities, cultures, and personalities coming together for 6 days of worship, fellowship, partnership, and leadership training!


    Here is the logo that we will be using for the AIM Leadership conference. 




    Rod & Lori


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  • Kraybill Christmas Newsletter 2017 December 8, 2017

    “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people.  The Savior-yes, the Messiah, the Lord-has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!”  Luke 2:10b-11

    Merry Christmas from the Kraybill’s!

    Dear Friends,

    We’re so thankful for the gift of Jesus, and the salvation that He brings to the whole world!  We’re also thankful for each of you and your support in so many ways as we serve God here at Rift Valley Academy (RVA) in Kenya.

    We have just finished up a 13-week term here at RVA which has felt like a marathon in many ways.  We have loved getting to know the 18 girls in our dorm, and coming alongside these girls as they live and grow here at RVA.   Rod has spent many hours this term playing ping pong with several of the girls, improving his and their skills.  Lori has spent a lot of time in the kitchen: cooking dorm meals and birthday suppers, making dorm and special treats….along with popping lots of popcorn!  Rod continues to work in his office helping AIM members with leadership training and coaching, while Lori has been working part time with the 4th grade in student support.  Please pray for us as we welcome these girls back into our home and lives in less than 4 weeks, along with a new girl to RVA.  Pray that our girls would have a wonderful month at home being with their families who work in 8 different countries in Africa.

    This term has been difficult for the senior class, of which Anissa is a part of.  There have been some issues that have divided the class and caused a lot of hurt and pain.  Pray for Anissa and her class, that God would bring healing and reconciliation, and that these students would grow in their relationship with God and each other.  Anissa has applied to several college’s Occupational Therapy Assistant program in Florida.  Pray for Anissa as she continues in the application process, and that she would know God’s leading where to attend college next year.

    Each Sunday at RVA, we pray for unreached people groups (UPG) in Africa.  This year each class has adopted an UPG that they will be praying for until they graduate.  Several of the classes presented their UPG’s on Sunday mornings this term.  Anissa’s class is praying for Libyan Arabs, 9th grade the Berbers, 6th grade the Islands (where we worked), and 2nd grade the Samburu.  How exciting that our students get to pray for people groups who don’t know Jesus, and that this puts UPG’s on the hearts of our students for the rest of their lives!  Pray for these UPG’s that they would come to know Jesus.

    In just over a week, we will begin to welcome Rod’s family to Kenya, and on the very last flight Alanna and Autumn.  We will be 19 in total!  Pray for safety as the Kraybill clan travels to Kenya, along with our travels within Kenya while they’re with us.  We are so thankful to have extended family here for Christmas, and that we get to be together as a family during our girl’s college break, praise God!

    This past October, AIM began a new online donation system which makes online giving easier for you.

    Here is the link to our own personal page:

    We have now been serving with AIM for 17 ½ years, and we continue to be so thankful to God for providing for all our needs, financial and otherwise!


    Rod, Lori, Alanna, Autumn and Anissa

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