Grace Covenant Ministries, January, 2019

Dear Prayer Warriors,

As we enter 2019 we are reminded of our many partners who have blessed us and made our efforts possible.  Your prayer support is especially treasured.  You are helping us make a difference one opportunity at a time to those we have been called to serve by sharing the love of our Savior and Lord.  During 2018 we saw unexpected challenges met by unanticipated blessings.  The bathroom addition to the gym was finally completed!  Needed repairs were made to the roof of Lansing Hall and to the waste water treatment system.

The past year was exciting.  Our youth activities (camps, basketball, baseball, softball) had great participation and we received many thank you’s from the participants and their parents.  The Veterans Outreach Committee made several new contacts.  The Samson Project was expanded to a year around program.  Recently we hosted the live walk through nativity production called “Journey Through Bethlehem”.  The campus was transformed into the community of Bethlehem.  We were thrilled to have over 1,700 people (total) attend the eight performances.  Even better was the fact the Holy Spirit was at work and at least seven people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and several others rededicated their lives.

This year we hope to complete the renovations of the old bathroom areas into a fitness center that can be used by the community.  Our board of directors is seeking funds to replace our old maintenance building that is subject to frequent flooding.  We are working on two grants and seeking donations to bring the rehabilitation of Lincoln Hall closer to completion.  Your prayers are requested as we consider new possibilities for ministry.   Space and funding requirements for the potential programs competing with existing programs create a need for wisdom as we strive to be good stewards with the blessings we are receiving.  May we follow the advice given in Proverbs 3:5-6.

We thank you for your prayer support.


Jacob “Jake” L. Moss

Development Director

Grace Covenant Ministries

Dear Prayer Warrior,

Attached you will find a combined August/September edition of the Prayer Warrior to this email.

Thanks again for your prayers and sharing our good news with others.

We do have some additional praise and prayer requests for you:

  1. We are still in need of someone who can help us with web page design issues.  Let us know if you can help.  (We believe the help can be done online.  However, visitors are always welcome.)
  2.          On campus this is a time of transition as we wind down from activities of summer and get ready for the fall/winter season.  The last summer retreat at the campground was held this past weekend.  The baseball and softball games will soon be over.  The Christian Academy has been in operation for a few weeks and their enrollment has increased again this year.  Soon we will be sending out registrations for our first session of youth basketball.  The next “special” event on campus will be the SE Kentucky Veterans Health Fair on Sept. 8.  Many have told us how grateful they are for this special place where working of the Holy Spirit is evident.  The support that we receive from you and others like you help to make all the above events possible.  Again, we thank you for your support and prayers.
  3.  Sharon and I thank you for your prayers that were made on our behalf.  My heart catheter ablation procedure (that I mentioned in our last email) is now history and to date I have not had a recurrence of the A-Fib rhythm issue.  The follow-up visit with the cardiologist last week was encouraging and we feel that we are indeed blessed.


Your partner in missions,

Jake Moss

Director of Development

Annville Institute/Grace Covenant Ministries

Prayer Warrior for Aug Sept 2018