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NY Abortion Laws Give Pro-Livers Opportunity

When New York’s legislature passed the now infamous Reproductive Health Act (RHA) in January, the nation staggered and drew back in shame and horror. People are shocked and disgusted at the barbarity of a State legislature applauding the fabricated human right to kill preborn boys and girls. It was as if people of conscience suddenly found themselves in a waking nightmare, looking at the dark mirror of the nation only to find a corpse staring back at them. Legislatures, like NY’s, are the blind leading the blind, self-righteous because they fancy their personal whims as the standard for righteousness, even as Governor Cuomo continues to pursue enshrinement of abortion in the state constitution.

The RHA is bad enough even though its true evil is not fully understood by most. But the situation is worse than most people imagine. The NY legislature is actively pursuing five other bills persecuting pro-life activity and at least four bills designed to protect, promote, and pay for Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.

The dike holding back this flood of bills broke because abortion extremists fear that the Supreme Court case legalizing abortion (Roe v Wade, January 22, 1973) will be overturned. This would send the issue of abortion back to the States to decide for themselves. Cuomo’s fears are well-founded as there are several cases in the judicial pipeline that would give the Supreme Court an opportunity to do just that. Bottom line: NY is preparing to become an abortion tourism destination, like it was prior to 1973. If this happens, the abortion rate in NY will likely double.

Now, not only must pro-life Christians continue helping women say “no” to abortion, swimming against the cultural tide, but now we must also fight for CompassCare’s right to do the lifesaving work. The silver lining behind this cloud is the realization that all of this is actually the unintended consequence of national pro-life success. So, the opportunity to lead the nation’s abortion battle through service falls to NY’s pro-life Christians.

Recently a good friend asked me what I am feeling in the face of these overwhelming odds. My answer is a picture of a blacksmith. In making any object, his three primary tools are a hammer, an anvil, and fire. When the blacksmiths of state seek to reshape the iron of society into something different than what it is, they use the heat of coercive power and the hammer of legislation. All this effort is brought to bear against the anvil. When a blacksmith labors with his tools, it is the anvil that takes the beating and the hammer that breaks. My prayer is that God makes pro-life Christians the anvil. The State can hit us all day long with the hammer of unjust legislation, but we will not bend or break. After all, there is Biblical precedent for people of faith resisting the unjust dictates of pagan rulers because we serve a higher law and a greater King, One to whom all will answer.

Make no mistake, NY’s legislature has waged war on pro-life Christians. We need to keep our head if we are going to have a chance at winning. This will be a long and arduous road. We must stick to the strategy. Remember, CompassCare was born into the crucible of pro-life hostility that is NY, has been taking hammer strikes for decades, and saw this last blow coming for years. CompassCare developed and is actively implementing a strategy to both protect the livesaving work and continue to expand it. Pro-life people are angry and rightly so. Many Christians are waking up and so they should. Now is not the time to chase nifty pro-life novelties in a flailing attempt to recover some semblance of civility. Now is the time to let our righteous indignation steel our resolve.

CompassCare continues to be the nation’s pioneer at reaching and serving abortion-minded women in such a way that they have their babies. It has worked so well in Rochester that the abortion rate dropped 58% in the last eight years. So, Governor Cuomo and his band of legislative gangsters can legalize their favorite flavor of killing all they want, but it won’t matter if women don’t want abortions. Our lives are ordained by God for this time and in this place to demonstrate faithfulness to Him and love for our preborn neighbor who needs it most. Our job is to relentlessly endure, and in the enduring, expand. We must be the anvil upon which the hammer of the State breaks because we are people of faith, witnesses of the Word of God. As Jesus says, “Heaven and earth will pass away but My words will not pass away” (Matthew 24:35).

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Your Hope is Her Rope…

Your Hope is Her Rope

Simeon of Jerusalem (Luke 2:25a) is not described as a priest or a prophet, though he may have been. Scripture does not give us any details about his age, his family, or his social status. The Holy Spirit describes Simeon not by any fleeting external measure, but by the weight of his character: righteous and devout (Luke 2:25b).He loved God. And from that taproot grew a strong and genuine concern for people. Simeon’s soul mirrored God’s passion since “the Holy Spirit was upon him” and he was “looking for the consolation of Israel” (Luke 2:25c).

It had been 400 long years of silence since the confrontational prophetic dialogue between God and a rebellious people recorded by Malachi. Now the Holy Spirit speaks again, but quietly to a man’s soul, words of solace: “And it had been revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before he had seen the Lord’s Christ” (Luke 2:26). A man who loves God is given God’s heart for people.

With such souls there is a clarity that is both sad and hopeful, comprehending both sin and salvation. When God shows a man Himself, that light of revelation displays the extent of his own soul’s sickness, against which he is powerless. So, that man is left with a choice: to cast himself on the mercy of God or  let the sickness devour him. Simeon, touched by the Lord, displays gratitude for his salvation through devotion to God and a life lived righteously with his fellow man. In short, God gave Simeon hope. And because hope is present in a man who has found God, he is able to have hope for others. Hope is the rope that binds together the need for salvation and the certainty of a Savior.

The vision of God carries a man beyond personal self-awareness. God uses that vision to strip away the facade covering the fallen condition of the world around him too. This transparent view of a broken world is cause for sadness. Yet, this sadness does not lead to despair but rather hope extended—a hopeful watching; an active waiting. Hope is the certainty that just as the Lord’s saving presence has dawned upon my soul, so too the Bright Morning Star will rise upon a weary world. The consolation of Simeon is the salvation of Israel, and of the world. The comfort of Simeon is that he would be witness to the coming of the Savior.

So when the Holy Spirit led Simeon into the temple at the exact moment (Luke 2:27) when Mary and Joseph were bringing baby Jesus in to present Him to the Lord, he immediately recognized Jesus for what He is and joyfully sang, “For my eyes have seen Your salvation…A light of revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel” (Luke 2:30, 32).

Everything changes when Jesus comes. The harsh human formula now includes forgiveness. The bankrupt moral ledger balances. The ship of society run aground rises on His coming tide. Our winter soul thaws to the spring of our Savior’s love.

So it is that you and I have hope for a mother considering abortion. We have hope for her preborn baby too. For we have been given it and not for ourselves only, but for people in tormented moments just like these. Women are tempted to despair, trying to dodge a crushing blow from the monster of isolation. And the only path she sees is illuminated by the dull red glow emanating from the ravenous jaws of the dragon of death called abortion. But hope calls to her, “There is another way!”

It is your hope manifest through CompassCare that illuminates the path to a way out for her and her baby. Poor decisions brought her to this dangerous precipice. Yet, it is at these places in a person’s journey when the glitter of this world can be stripped of its power to distract us from the truth: our sin is great, yet our Savior is greater.

You are like Simeon holding out hope to women for whom death is the only solution. And now you and I can give her vision, pulling back the shroud to grasp that the coming of her own baby can be a sign pointing the way to salvation found only in the Christ child.

Merry Christmas, for “unto us a Child is born!”

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