Prayer and Praise From CMFI

Dear Friends in Christ:

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is just a brief note to update you on the church project in Sikkim. The Lord has been faithful in seeing the completion of the church building. By the grace of our Lord, the church was dedicated on Dec 13, 2017. We thank the Lord for His unfailing love and faithfulness in helping us complete this wonderful building. We as a family, and all the church members send our heart felt thanks for standing with us in prayer and financial support. We pray that the Lord use this building to reach the people of Sikkim, and to bring glory to His name.

I have attached a few pictures of the church dedication service. Thank you once again for all your prayers and support.

In Him,

Sam and Shurhosieno

Peters Blurb – November 2017

By the grace of our Lord we are all in good health. The schools and orphanage continue to do well at this time. The church in Sikkim has been  completed and is in use. The believers in Sikkim all sent their greetings. Please keep us and all the Christian believers in India in your prayers. We truly do appreciate all your prayers and financial support.

In His Service,
Sam and Shurhosieno/ Helen Peters

Update from CMFI / Mysore

Dear Fellow Workers in Christ,

Greeting to you and your families. I give all praises to our Lord Jesus Christ for His continued faithfulness towards us and the ministry. We have had an unusually hot summer this year. Many people in the north of India have lost their lives due to a lack of proper shelter. Many times, we as Christians forget to thank the Lord and take for granted the blessings we receive each day. I encourage you, as I do my family, to thank the Lord for the simple things in life, food, clothes, our homes, etc. Please do keep the people of North India in your prayer as we expect the monsoons to start at the end of this month.

By the grace of God the kids at the schools in Mysore and Belgaum did well in their 10th grade final exams. All but six kids have passed the exams. They will have a chance to retake them this coming June. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, these exams put a lot of stress on the kids. Please keep the six kids in your prayers as they prepare to retake the exams in June. The kids at the orphanage have really enjoyed their summer brake. They loved visiting the local mall a few times to watch movies and hang out with friends as all teenagers do. We had a few picnics in the school garden, and a few BBQ’s at John and Sunita’s Beautiful Gate school. The kids send their thanks and greetings to all of you.

By the grace of God, the Beautiful Gate Special School will be opening a new branch this coming school year. The new school is located about 20KM from the present school location. One of the teachers who has been working at the school will be heading the new project. The gentleman who has been so generous in letting us use his building, free of cost, is a Hindu and a friend of ours. As this new school ministers to the kids, I pray that our friend and his family would see Jesus through this ministry. Please keep this new project in your prayers.

My brother Steve, sister-in-law Vidya, and my mother Helen send you their greeting. My mother as usual keeps herself busy with the girls that she is mentoring at the orphanage. Her arm has almost recover from the surgery she had a year ago. She thanks you all for remembering her in your prayers. Steve and Vidya are back in Belgaum preparing for the new school year. Admissions for the kids and interviews for new teachers are going on at the moment. Please pray that the Lord will grant us wisdom in selecting the right candidates for the teaching and administrative positions.

The construction of the church in Sikkim continues by the grace of God. Pastor Stephen updates me on a daily basis on the ongoing work. To save on financial cost, most of the construction has been done by the church members. In the pictures that I am attaching, you will see the church family working together to build the house of our Lord. They pray, sing, eat and work together to see this church building go up. I praise and thank the Lord for His faithfulness towards us and the ministry in Sikkim. I extend the church members thanks to all of you who have come forward in prayer and financial support towards the construction of this church building. I will keep you updated on the construction of the church in the coming months.
Once again I thank you for joining hands with us, as we continue to serve our Lord in this wonderful land of India.

In His service,
Sam and Shurhosieno


Update from CMFI – Mysore

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

All praises be to our Lord Jesus Christ for His love and grace towards us. Once again I take this opportunity to greet you all, and to thank you for standing with us in prayer. The Lord has been so good to us in this past two months. The orphanage, church and school ministries are doing well by the grace of God. The kids at the orphanage send their greetings and thanks for all your prayers and support. The school year has almost come to an end, and the kids are busy studying for their final exams. Please keep them in your prayers as this can be a stressful time for them. When it comes to education here in India, the kids are put through a lot of pressure from their families to be no less than excellent. In many instances this kind of competitive spirit leads the child into depression, or some rare cases to even committing suicide. We always advice and pray with our kids to do well in school, but nothing is more important than their well being and safety. So please do remember all the children in India who will be taking their final exams at the end of March.

The Beautiful Gate Special School continues to be a blessing to the kids, and the surrounding communities. Thanks to John, Sunita and the dedicated teachers and volunteers, the kids are learning and growing in everyday life skills. I give thanks to out Lord for this wonderful ministry, and the dedicated people who have committed their lives for service. Steve and Vidya are currently in Belgaum preparing the school staff and students for the final exams. They will be back in Mysore at the end of March once the examinations are completed. My mother Helen continues to serve the Lord by working and mentoring the girls at the orphanage. The Lord had blessed her with good health as she continues to recover from her surgery. As we look at all the various ministries that the Lord has give us, we truly give thanks to our Lord for bringing our family together to serve. Please do continue to pray for us as the Lord has giver us a great responsibility to serve Him, in this wonderful country of India.

I as so excited to inform you that the church construction in Sikkim has started by the grace of out Lord. Pastor Stephen and the church family sends their heart felt thanks for all your prayers and financial support. The work began the first week of February with the dismantling of the old building. mysore201603-1All the dismantling work had been taken up by the church members themselves. The church members who are skilled will be doing some of the construction work as well. Please pray with us that the Lord continues to guide us as we move forward with this wonderful project. To all our brothers and sisters who are supporting this project, I really can’t express how grateful and thankful we are for your support. We are all praying for you and your families that the Lord would bless you abundantly. Please do continue to pray with us that the Lord would provide the rest of the finances to complete this project.

Once again I send our thanks, for all your prayers and support towards the ministry here in India. May the Lord bless you all.

In His service,
Sam and Shurhosieno