Kraybill News – February 2019

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and in ministry!

We wanted to give you an overview about our upcoming trip:

Depart from Florida – February 8th

Kenya – February 9th to 19th

North Africa – February 19th to March 3rd

Arrive back in Florida – March 4th

We are looking forward to visiting Kenya and North Africa.  We are open to see where the Lord might be leading us next.  We would ask that you pray with us as we travel.  Here are our requests:

  • That we would be an encouragement and come alongside those we visit on this trip
  • That the training events would equip workers for the ministry at hand and the expansion of His Kingdom
  • That we would be adaptable to the normal challenges of overseas travel, meetings, training events, and ministry opportunities
  • That the Father would receive all the Glory for any lasting fruit that comes from this trip to Kenya and North Africa.

Thank you again for your prayers and partnership with us.

We will let you know how it goes once we return.

He is the reason we serve!

Until next time,

Rod & Lori Kraybill

Hautle Happenings, February 2019

Dear praying friend,
When we started writing our newsletter not too long ago, we had 14 inches of snow.
Today we hit 66 degrees (19C)—which was a nice change from the past few weeks’ weather.
We’re also rejoicing that God has already started answering prayers. Of the financial need we share in the enclosed newsletter, nearly a third has already been raised—all to God’s glory.
We want to thank you for your continued prayers—we’re in need of them daily!
In Christ,
-Brent, Jen, Amy and Christopher Hautle

Hautle 2-2019

Field’s news – February 2019


“It has never been so loud in our house as last

night when we were playing the game

‘superfight’ with a bunch of students!”

By living here among the students, we get to have them in our home at any moment’s notice, and we LOVE it!

Another cool thing is that after they graduate, we get to follow them and see how God is living through them to spread His name around the world.

Here are 2 very encouraging examples of 2 students who had some exciting news this week!

“I just had my LAST language evaluation ever!! I am still in shock. 10 years ago I started praying for the tribe the Lord wanted us to  go to and a person to teach me the language. There have been a ton of women help me, but Tsame has been the main faithful one! So thankful for her, and that we are one step closer to telling her the truth about God!” #reachWANTAKIA


“BIG news! I am so, SO proud of this guy. We just had our language consultants out, we had our language evaluations…and Jack is DONE! He is done with language study! He has officially been cleared to start Bible translation in the Wantakia language!! This day has been a long time coming. He wasn’t nervous, he wasn’t scrambling to brush up on grammar or study the night before, he just walked in and killed it! It was a precious moment getting to tell Keko, who helps Jack without fail every week, that his work has carried fruit! It is by God’s grace and help that our team has gotten this crazy, complex language so fast. The day is coming soon when the Wantakia people will get to hear God’s story for the first time in their heart language!”

Lenzes View – January 2019

Answered Prayer

In July I asked you all to pray for a man and his wife as I was taking them through the Creation to Christ Bible lessons. He had heard parts of the teaching before, but kept missing key lessons and was not able to put the pieces of the Gospel together to see how it applied to him. This particular man is one who, in the past, has caused quite a bit of grief for our team, and I equated loving him to be something similar to hugging a porcupine. As we know, the Holy Spirit is the one who changes lives and His word says that the faithful prayers of a righteous man produces much fruit. I want to thank you for your prayers for this man as God has removed the veil from his eyes and he now understands the message of the Gospel and proclaims that he is trusting the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ Jesus on his behalf for salvation. He states, “For 19 years I used God’s name and thought I was doing his work, but it was all for my own gain. I realize that was all a waste and is not what will get me to heaven.” Please continue to pray as our new brother in Christ is hungry for more teaching. Pray for his wife as she is conflicted in what to do with the teaching she has received. On the one hand, she would like to believe and put her faith in Christ, but on the other hand, she knows this will result in ridicule from family and friends.

Purposeful Planting

I was visiting my friend James the other day and looked down and saw bean sprouts growing out of a pile of rocks. Oddly enough, I had gone to his house that day in order to ask him if he’d be willing to allow me to walk him through our Bible lessons one-on-one. In the past, we have done many large and small group Bible “courses”, and the results have been as Christ described in Mark 4. Recently, due to our limited time and resources, we’ve been discussing being more intentional with where we sow the seed of the Word.

James was one of my language helpers when we moved here in 2009. His wife, a young believer now, has been growing in her walk with the Lord and she’s been devouring the teaching she’s been getting. James has been on my heart for a long time, but he has never really been interested in making the time to listen to the teaching. Now seems to be the right time! I shared with him that his efforts in helping me to learn their language was not without a purpose. The purpose was to be able to share God’s Word with them; but many others are reaping the benefits of his hard work while he has nothing to show for it. He said he wants to hear the Bible teaching and we settled on Monday and Wednesday evenings at his house for the venue. Please pray for James as you did for our brother mentioned above. Pray that the soil of his heart will be ready to receive the seed of the Gospel and that God’s Word will impact him and his family in unimaginable ways.

One More Request

Please also be praying for Robyn and Krystiana as they’re supposed to be leaving from Michigan on Thursday, the 31st, to begin their journey back to PNG. Please pray that the weather will cooperate and flights will not be canceled. Pray for safety and energy for them as they travel. Pray especially for Robyn, Krystiana, and Michael as it is going to be difficult for them to part again for the next several months.

Thank you for standing with us in this ministry.

Levi & Robyn Lenz
Serving the North Wahgi people
of Papua New Guinea
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Good News Jail & Prison Ministry


Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

As we embark on 2019, I wanted to let you know what you helped to accomplish in our jails in Monroe and Wayne County. Your prayers and partnership made an incredible impact and a large investment in the Kingdom of God!


First time decisions for Christ – 482 men and women

Life re-dedications to Christ – 128 men and women

Bibles distributed – 2,000+

Bible lessons graded – 7,000+

We also began a partnership with American Bible Society to bring trauma healing groups into the Monroe County Jail and Monroe Correctional Facility. These groups address the deep rooted trauma that many have experienced and what the Bible has to say about it. We touch on 5 major areas:

– If God loves us, why do we suffer?

– How can the wounds of our heart heal?

– What happens when someone is grieving?

– Taking your pain to the cross.

– How can we forgive others?

We thank God for your faithfulness and continued support of our mission: to see that every inmate hears a clear message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are thankful for what you accomplished in 2018 and are extremely excited to see what the Lord has in store for you in 2019.

May the Lord Jesus Christ keep you and your loved one’s safe, protected and continually showered with grace and a peace that passes all understanding.

Brian Duclos


130 South Plymouth Avenue, Rochester, NY 14614 (585) 753-4032

Grace Covenant Ministries, January, 2019

Dear Prayer Warriors,

As we enter 2019 we are reminded of our many partners who have blessed us and made our efforts possible.  Your prayer support is especially treasured.  You are helping us make a difference one opportunity at a time to those we have been called to serve by sharing the love of our Savior and Lord.  During 2018 we saw unexpected challenges met by unanticipated blessings.  The bathroom addition to the gym was finally completed!  Needed repairs were made to the roof of Lansing Hall and to the waste water treatment system.

The past year was exciting.  Our youth activities (camps, basketball, baseball, softball) had great participation and we received many thank you’s from the participants and their parents.  The Veterans Outreach Committee made several new contacts.  The Samson Project was expanded to a year around program.  Recently we hosted the live walk through nativity production called “Journey Through Bethlehem”.  The campus was transformed into the community of Bethlehem.  We were thrilled to have over 1,700 people (total) attend the eight performances.  Even better was the fact the Holy Spirit was at work and at least seven people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and several others rededicated their lives.

This year we hope to complete the renovations of the old bathroom areas into a fitness center that can be used by the community.  Our board of directors is seeking funds to replace our old maintenance building that is subject to frequent flooding.  We are working on two grants and seeking donations to bring the rehabilitation of Lincoln Hall closer to completion.  Your prayers are requested as we consider new possibilities for ministry.   Space and funding requirements for the potential programs competing with existing programs create a need for wisdom as we strive to be good stewards with the blessings we are receiving.  May we follow the advice given in Proverbs 3:5-6.

We thank you for your prayer support.


Jacob “Jake” L. Moss

Development Director

The Bible League, January 2019


Dear Friend,

2019 is well underway and we just wanted to say how thankful we are for supporters like you. Your prayers and support in 2018 changed lives for eternity and will continue to bear fruit in 2019.

We can’t overemphasize how important your support is, and what it means for us to see lives transformed through God’s Word with your help. And it’s not just us who’s thankful. It’s people whose lives have been touched. People like Pairot in Thailand.

He says, “Thank you for providing us with such wonderful materials and the training for us to be able to respond to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.”

Margarida in Mozambique says, “Thank you for providing us with the tools that helped us come back to God!”





And Illmi in Albania says, “Thank you for the Bibles and training you provided me, and that I can now share with others. My church could not afford the resources you are blessing us with. We can engage more people with the Gospel. May God bless you!”

Once again, THANK YOU!

Your friends at Bible League International

News from the Fields – January 2019

 What time is it?

Time to be involved in God’s story!





The beautiful praise songs filled the whole room!

A new semester started here today and this huge building full of Jesus followers are actively shining His light. They are also spending 2 years studying the Word to be more prepared as they take His light out around the World.

  • We are super thankful to be here.
  • We know God is growing all of us.
  • We are enjoying the adventure of shining for Him.

Thank you for partnering with our family so we get to be here among these crazy amazing Jesus followers!

God is good,
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field


Happy New Year from the Kraybills

Greetings Friends,

Happy New Year’s from all of us in Florida!   If you’re feeling cold up north, come for a visit.

We had a lot to celebrate in 2018, some of which were:

~Alanna’s graduation from college at John Brown University in May.

~Anissa’s graduation from high school at Rift Valley Academy in July.

~Rod’s Grandma’s 100th birthday in October.

~Rod finished his Master’s degree in Adult Learning and Organizational Leadership in December.

~Our 25th wedding anniversary in December.

We have much to be thankful for in these celebrations, and God has been faithful each step along the way.

Another word for 2018 was transitions, some of which were:

~Alanna’s transition from leaving college and her life there to settling into life in Central Florida.  She job hunted for 3 months and found a job mid-November.  She is working at a retirement community as a server.  It isn’t her dream job, but she’s thankful for a job and having an opportunity to be a light in her new community.  Pray that she would be a faithful witness to those around her.

~Rod, Lori and Anissa left Rift Valley Academy in Kenya in July.  Anissa then went to Costa Rica for 4 months of Bible school at Torchbearers in San Jose.  She is now back in FL with us and will be continuing to apply for colleges, get her driver’s license, and look for a job.  Pray for her continued adjustment to living in the States.  Rod and Lori have been adjusting to life in FL, visiting our supporting churches, and looking for a church in our community.  We have chosen to be a part of The Grove Church here in Minneola.  Pray that we would be faithful where God has planted us.

~Autumn did a study abroad program in Thailand in the fall and loved it.  She learned Thai language and culture and came alongside missionaries and their ministries.  She has now returned to Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL for her spring semester.  Pray for wisdom and strength in all that she is involved with this semester.

Through all of these transitions God has faithfully provided the comfort and growth that we’ve needed.

So, what’s ahead for us in 2019?

~Rod will continue to be the Training and Leadership Coordinator for AIM.  He will continue to come alongside missionaries providing life coaching, facilitating workshops, and coordinating training resources for missionaries and those in leadership roles.

~Lori has started a part-time with a Kingdom building company.  With the cost of living being higher in the States, and our support levels low the last 5 months; this has allowed us to not have to raise more support.  We feel this is an answer to prayer!

~Rod and Lori will be traveling to Kenya and North Africa from February 8-March 4.  Rod will be coaching the leadership team at RVA.  We will attend a conference for those working with mu$lims with Lori helping with childcare.  We will also be providing 3 workshop training events for workers in North Africa during our 10 days there.  Pray for safety as we travel, our girls while we’re gone and that we would be faithful in serving our Lord during this time.

We’re thankful for your prayers and continued support through 2019!

Rod, Lori, Alanna, Autumn, and Anissa

Lenz Family – Ethnos 360 Papua New Guinea

Come to the Well


Come to the Well…

Over the last two weeks hundreds of people have walked past our house on their way up to a small stream in the mountain which has just recently been credited with having healing power. “When I drank the water it felt hot in my stomach and it felt like it was bubbling. I thought I was going to vomit. It was doing its work,” said one person. Yet another said, “I didn’t experience anything like that. Maybe I didn’t drink enough!” Another person who said that they drank from the water and didn’t get any help was told that it was because he didn’t have enough belief in the water. One old man in our church said, “When I was young I used to set traps in that area all the time and I would drink that water. Look, I’m old now. That water hasn’t helped me at all! It’s a lie.”

As people have come from near and far, some afoot and some literally by the truck load, in search of “the healing water,” I’m reminded of the lyrics of a song by Mercy Me which state,

“I have what you need,
But you keep on searchin’,
I’ve done all the work,
But you keep on workin’,
When you’re runnin’ on empty,
And you can’t find the remedy,
Just come to the well.

And all who thirst will thirst no more,
And all who search will find what their souls long for,
The world will try, but it can never fill,
So leave it all behind, and come to the well.”

It is so sadly ironic that people literally walk past the place where they can learn about the True Life Giving Water in search of something they hope will healing on this earth. Their souls are searching, longing, for something to believe in, something to fill a void in their life, but they just don’t know what it is. Please pray for minds to be unveiled to Satan’s schemes and so that they will hear the Word of Truth and be lead to the True Well.


A welcomed homecoming…

Robyn and Krystiana arrived safely in the US on Christmas day in order to spend the next six weeks with Michael. We would appreciate your prayers as Krystiana is struggling with being away from home. In addition to that, Krystiana started getting sick on the way to the US and has continued to suffer from fevers daily since then. The doctor said today that she’s got an ear infection and has given her some antibiotics. Michael has been struggling with a cold for the last couple weeks and the antibiotics aren’t really working so they gave him some stronger ones today as well. Robyn said she’s starting to get a sore throat. What a way to bring in the New Year. We’d appreciate your prayers for everyone’s health. Also please pray that Michael, Robyn, and Krystiana will have good memory-building times together. Pray for Daniel, Matthew, and me as we hold down the fort in their absence.

Thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement, and support of our family and the North Wahgi church planting ministry.

Happy New Year!

Levi & Robyn Lenz

Serving the North Wahgi people

of Papua New Guinea

Facebook: Lenz’s View