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Our family is doing well here at Bible School!

Thank you so much for praying & partnering with us!

Reece is thriving as a Freshman here at Bible School. He has amazing friends, is loving studying the Word, and has great stories from his job as a public school bus driver. He doesn’t get enough sleep because of all the homework plus endless social opportunities. 🙂 We miss having him home, but could not be happier for him in every way.

Clark is maturing into a godly young man who is respectful, loyal, caring, and very wise. He is acing school, loves playing guitar, studying martial arts, and is just about to get his drivers license! He does miss his brother as they are best friends, but the 3 of us have begun new family traditions as a three-some. We are enjoying this year together before he gets a job this summer when he is 16!  …So much change for poor Mom!

Dave & I are racing at the pace of 18-22 year olds!

The activities around here are never-ending and we pick and choose how many we can be involved in.

  • We love our girls/guys dorm family who we spend extra time with. We make time for a lot of one-on-ones.
  • Dave is a leader over the teaching team, and is needing 2 new teachers since a couple retired. The load on the few is heavy right now.
  • We get a front-row seat to the students’ growth, which is a testament to God’s Word being active through classes, dorm life, friendships and everyday life. God is at work, and the beautiful lives here continue to encourage us every day!

Thank you for your love & prayers. We are so thankful to be here!!
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

November 2018
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The Bible League – October 2018


Lilit, 26, was raised by her grandparents in Armenia when her parents moved to the Ukraine to find work. Life became more difficult for Lilit when civil war broke out in the Ukraine. Her parents had to move to Russia and became unable to help financially. Lilit had to borrow money from others and wasn’t able to pay them back. And she felt like God had forgotten her.

One day, one of her church friends invited her to attend a Project Philip Bible study. She explains, “When I visited the Bible study group, it struck me how openly the lesson was being discussed and how everyone was free to ask questions. I realized I had no deep knowledge of the Gospel.”

Lilit believes her faith in God’s Word opened a new door for her. “I asked the Bible study leader to pray for my financial situation. When I went back home, I got a call and was offered a job! I could hardly believe it—God heard our prayers! Thank you for providing me with God’s Word and this Bible study group. They helped me come closer to God!”

Latest News

Teen Mom Finds Hope

Margarida is only 20 years old, but she’s already lived a lifetime of heartbreak. She dropped out of school in the sixth grade. When she became a teen mom at 17, the baby’s father abandoned her. Then, just two years later, her own father died. Today, Margarida and her young son live with her mom, and she sells vegetables to try to make ends meet. “Life was so difficult,” she says, thinking back on the past years. “It seemed so meaningless.”

Things began to look up for Margarida when a friend invited her to join a Project Philip Bible study. At first, Margarida was afraid because she had never been to church. “My friend kept encouraging me until I joined,” she explains. After just a few days studying God’s Word, she was happy, and her heart was full of peace. During their study, people shared their problems and prayed for one another. She says, “Through Project Philip, I came to realize that I’d been wasting my time by not accepting Jesus Christ.”

Margarida is so grateful for the Project Philip Bible study booklets she received and for the group that made her feel like part of a family. She beams, “During our Bible studies, I learned about the love of God through the parable of the father who loved and received his son, in Luke 15:20. I used to be lost and living on my own, but my Father received me back!

“Thank you for providing me with the tools that helped me come back to God! I will first tell my mom and child to follow Jesus. Then, I’ll help others to meet and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.”

God’s Word Equips a Pastor

Giang is a church leader in northern Vietnam, about 215 miles from the capital city, Hanoi. Just a couple of years ago, before he knew Jesus as his Savior, some believers came to his village to help a widow renovate her house and help with her children. Giang was impressed. He recalls, “I tried to understand the reasons why they would do such things for each other.” He heard the Gospel that day, and it made all the difference in his life. He asked a Christian friend, who he later realized was a pastor, to pray with him to accept Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Trained to Share the Gospel

Soon after, Giang began inviting other villagers to come to his home to worship God with him every Sunday. He learned to read God’s Word and shared it with others during their Sunday worship time. Soon, people in Giang’s village wanted him to be their pastor. But he felt unqualified. “I didn’t have enough Bible knowledge to be a pastor,” he notes.

One day, the pastor who prayed with Giang came to visit and gave him some Bibles and Project Philip Bible study booklets. Soon Giang asked his friend for more of them so he could teach people in his church. He explains, “These are the only printed copies of Bible study materials that our church has.” Through this training and these materials, Giang not only grew in his faith, he helped more people discover the Gospel.

Grateful for Project Philip

“I am so grateful for the Project Philip Bible studies,” he says with a smile. “They are a great blessing in my life. The books are excellent and make it easy for us to study the Bible and grow our faith in the Lord Jesus. Thank you for helping pastors like me who did not have the opportunity before to study the Bible in depth. My congregation is growing.”

Prayer Requests

As the economic and political crises grow worse in Nicaragua, pray for peace. Please also pray for God to open doors for ministry to continue reaching those in need. Currently, many Philips and church planters are unable to travel for training, classes, or even to attend church.

Praise the Lord for the Project Philip training in Indonesia. May these Philips (Project Philip Bible study leaders) share God’s Word with boldness and help more people to experience new life in Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Your gifts to Bible League International make it possible for our ministry to provide God’s Word to a world in need.



Kraybill October 2018 Update

Dear Friends,

Greetings from beautiful, warm Minneola, Florida!  We’re thankful to God for the opportunity to live at AIM’s retirement center for this year.  We’re slowly getting used to being in the States and are thankful for your prayers as we continue to make this transition.  He is good and faithful!  Thank you for your prayers as we’ve been church searching.  We have decided to start attending a small evangelical church here called, “The Grove.”  We hope to grow and bear fruit as we attend and serve in this church.

In September we made a 2 ½ week trip up north through Atlanta and then to Lancaster, PA and finally Marion, NY.  We were grateful to be able to visit AIM’s headquarters near Atlanta.  This office supports us and all the US AIM missionaries in many ways.  We were blessed to spend time with Rod’s family in Pennsylvania, and our supporting church there.  The highlight of our time was to be a part of Rod’s Grandma’s 100th birthday.  Grandma Keener has been a big prayer warrior for us and so many others.  It was a joy to help celebrate the 100 years God has given her.  We then went up to NY to visit our supporting church near Rochester.  We were able to share what God is doing in Africa as AIM seeks to reach the unreached.  We also shared how we’ve been able to help in this process by being dorm parents for missionary kids and equipping missionary leaders to fulfill their ministry roles through training, life coaching and leadership development.   We’re looking forward to visiting another supporting church in OH in November.  We’re so thankful for our partnering churches and supporters who give to us in many ways! 

We have counted it a joy to be able to spend the last 3 months with our oldest daughter, Alanna, as she looks for a job.  Although, she hasn’t found a job yet, we know that God will provide something for her.  Please join with us in praying for Alanna during this waiting time as she continues to fill out applications.  Pray against discouragement for her and that she would continue to trust in God to meet all of her needs.  Autumn and Anissa continue to enjoy their time in Thailand and Costa Rica.  Autumn has been learning Thai and helping with different outreaches to kids in the slums and helping university students learn English.  Anissa has been growing in her faith through her time in Costa Rica.  She loves learning Spanish and is enjoying her many Bible classes.  She’s looking forward to their mission trip in November to work with kids in Panama.  Please continue to pray for Autumn and Anissa as they keep on being stretched through their time overseas.

We have been getting emails this week from a family who works on one of the Islands where we used to serve.  Their island has seen a lot of political unrest over the years and is currently experiencing significant turmoil and gunfire on the streets.  Their family and the local people have all been housebound this week as they wait for the fighting to end.  Please pray for Tom and Megan, along with their kids and the two other team members.  Pray that they would be a light for those around them during this difficult time.

Thanks for your prayers,

Rod and Lori

Rod with his Grandma Keener who celebrated 100 years of life!