Kraybill October 2018 Update

Dear Friends,

Greetings from beautiful, warm Minneola, Florida!  We’re thankful to God for the opportunity to live at AIM’s retirement center for this year.  We’re slowly getting used to being in the States and are thankful for your prayers as we continue to make this transition.  He is good and faithful!  Thank you for your prayers as we’ve been church searching.  We have decided to start attending a small evangelical church here called, “The Grove.”  We hope to grow and bear fruit as we attend and serve in this church.

In September we made a 2 ½ week trip up north through Atlanta and then to Lancaster, PA and finally Marion, NY.  We were grateful to be able to visit AIM’s headquarters near Atlanta.  This office supports us and all the US AIM missionaries in many ways.  We were blessed to spend time with Rod’s family in Pennsylvania, and our supporting church there.  The highlight of our time was to be a part of Rod’s Grandma’s 100th birthday.  Grandma Keener has been a big prayer warrior for us and so many others.  It was a joy to help celebrate the 100 years God has given her.  We then went up to NY to visit our supporting church near Rochester.  We were able to share what God is doing in Africa as AIM seeks to reach the unreached.  We also shared how we’ve been able to help in this process by being dorm parents for missionary kids and equipping missionary leaders to fulfill their ministry roles through training, life coaching and leadership development.   We’re looking forward to visiting another supporting church in OH in November.  We’re so thankful for our partnering churches and supporters who give to us in many ways! 

We have counted it a joy to be able to spend the last 3 months with our oldest daughter, Alanna, as she looks for a job.  Although, she hasn’t found a job yet, we know that God will provide something for her.  Please join with us in praying for Alanna during this waiting time as she continues to fill out applications.  Pray against discouragement for her and that she would continue to trust in God to meet all of her needs.  Autumn and Anissa continue to enjoy their time in Thailand and Costa Rica.  Autumn has been learning Thai and helping with different outreaches to kids in the slums and helping university students learn English.  Anissa has been growing in her faith through her time in Costa Rica.  She loves learning Spanish and is enjoying her many Bible classes.  She’s looking forward to their mission trip in November to work with kids in Panama.  Please continue to pray for Autumn and Anissa as they keep on being stretched through their time overseas.

We have been getting emails this week from a family who works on one of the Islands where we used to serve.  Their island has seen a lot of political unrest over the years and is currently experiencing significant turmoil and gunfire on the streets.  Their family and the local people have all been housebound this week as they wait for the fighting to end.  Please pray for Tom and Megan, along with their kids and the two other team members.  Pray that they would be a light for those around them during this difficult time.

Thanks for your prayers,

Rod and Lori

Rod with his Grandma Keener who celebrated 100 years of life!

CompassCare Pregnancy Services – October 2018

October 2018
According to the recently released NY State Vital Statistics, this is the single largest drop in the history of Monroe County. Not only is abortion at an all-time low for Monroe County since New York legalized the practice in 1970, it is down 58% in just eight short years. Read More
Allie, a young woman in her early twenties, slumped down in the chair offered by her CompassCare nurse. She immediately stated, “I’m pregnant and my life is a mess. There’s just no way I can do this. I need to get an abortion.” She went on to share in great detail with her nurse her situation. Allie is in an unhealthy relationship with the father of the baby. Read More
Thanks to your generosity, CompassCare paid off a 10-year mortgage in just 20 months, freeing more money to serve more women and save more lives!

Read More

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Receive regular prayer requests from the exam room and join hundreds of fellow believers in prayer for these women.
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$350 provides services for ONE woman at-risk for abortion
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Renes’ News – 9/29/18

Mexico, Tojolabal Translation


the bad news… a dear friend of many, many years has gone blind. When we lived in the village, learning to speak Tojolabal, Demetrio would often come over and help us understand both the language and culture. He has always been a great friend and has been a translator for many years. He struggled with diabetes and about one year ago completely lost his sight. He now listens and gives suggestions. It is encouraging to see that he wants to help bring the translation the finish line. Listening to the text is a key task now for the team in general, so he contributes quite a bit.

the good news… a very gifted young lady has joined the team. We have known Elly for a number of years. She would often be busy in the kitchen, preparing the food for us throughout the day. She is a daughter-in-law of another translator. Now, when we sit in the kitchen, instead of serving us – she joins us. More importantly, despite no translation nor Biblical studies, she has had an immediate impact. We often say every translation needs both men and women, so having a woman is great and the fact that she is young is a bonus. The Tojolabal Bible needs to be understood by young and old, men and women, literate or illiterate. She is helping the message reach more.

So as the team approaches finishing, (maybe in 2 or 3 years) God is providing for their needs. It was a great week with the team. Even though I can’t be with them very often I thankful for weeks like this one.

Thanks for your prayers for the Tojolabals.

From the Lenz’s View–September 2018

Back to School…

This past few weeks the topic of Facebook has posts of children going off to their new classrooms in a new grade. For us, this year has been much different. Our eldest son, Michael has just started off his first year in Junior High at Calhoun Christian School in Battle Creek, Michigan. He’s spending the year with Robyn’s parents. We are thankful for God’s provision for his tuition fees. Though it was a hard choice to send Michael back to the US for the school year, we have seen the positive fruit of that decision as he is being stretched and grown in many ways.

God has also blessed us by providing Home School Assistants for the year. Megan was able to be here to get the school year kicked off and she has been doing a great job of overseeing the kid’s school thus far. Johanna is still waiting for her PNG Entry Permit. We are hoping she’ll be able to get here soon. We have already seen major benefits to having a Home School Assistant. It has changed our family dynamics in a very positive way by allowing Robyn to be Mom and not Teacher as well. In short, it has decreased school-related tensions and increased the amount of love and affection Robyn gets from the boys. Having Home School Assistants has also freed Robyn up to be able to invest some time into language learning and further ministry with the ladies.

Ongoing court case…

In our last update we asked you to be praying for our brother “S” who has been in an ongoing land court case for nearly 3 years now. At the time, we were hopeful that the case was almost over. Unfortunately, things have a way of dragging on. We are encouraged to see how God is working in “S”’s life through these events. We have seen tremendous growth in his spiritual maturity. He has another court date on October 9, but much can happen between now and then. Please pray that his spiritual morale will not fall as well as for his physical safety.


We’ve recently started up another literacy class with 15 students. The students vary widely in both age and previous education levels. It has been fun to see the younger, more educated students helping the older, less educated ones. These students are driven by their desire to read the Scriptures in their own language. Please pray that God would open their minds so that they may learn to read fluently. We are also working to train up a couple individuals to help teach literacy with the hopes that they’ll be able to fully take on the teaching of future classes.

Thank you for your continued prayers, support, and encouragement.

At His Service and For His Glory,

Levi & Robyn Lenz

Serving the North Wahgi people of Papua New Guinea

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