Peters Blurb – November 2017

By the grace of our Lord we are all in good health. The schools and orphanage continue to do well at this time. The church in Sikkim has been  completed and is in use. The believers in Sikkim all sent their greetings. Please keep us and all the Christian believers in India in your prayers. We truly do appreciate all your prayers and financial support.

In His Service,
Sam and Shurhosieno/ Helen Peters

The Bible League – October 2017

In a small, rural village in Mozambique, people struggle in the midst of drought-without electricity and little clean water. And until this month, the believers who gather in a church built with crude bricks, concrete, and a corrugated steel roof had just one Bible to share. “Just one Bible for everyone, and it was incomplete,” a church planter recalls, “but that has changed.” As a preacher begins, he offers a simple instruction, “Now we will all read from God’s Word,” and a chorus of voices rises together as each person reads from their own Bible. And as they carefully read aloud in unison, fingers tracing the words on the page, they finish with a loud, “Amen!” and they break into clapping and cheering. “Thank God for the Bible,” one woman offers, and others echo their agreement with another “Amen!”

Latest News

A New Creation in Prison

“I recall it clearly as if it was just yesterday,” Alexander begins—a prisoner in Nairobi West Prison, Kenya. “I was just 25 years old when I was arrested, found guilty of possessing stolen property and sent here.” And Alexander wants to tell his whole story so others can hear what God has done in his life.


The Gospel in Bangladesh

In the small village of Maulavi Bazar located in the northeast Sylhet District of Bangladesh, families survive as tenant farmers or day laborers. There are hundreds of Islamic mosques, Hindu temples, and several churches but very few believers. “Growing up I remember going to a church, but I didn’t have any clear ideas about God,” volunteers 16-year-old Akash, “and I never heard of God’s love.”


How to Save Money and Avoid Tax with Gifts of Stock

Rather than sell your stock, consider giving some of it to Bible League International to equip believers around the world with God’s Word. You will not pay any taxes and you will receive an income tax deduction for your gift.

To receive the explanation of a stock gift please contact Jim Prock, Senior Director of Planned Giving. Call (405) 205-8343 or email

Prayer Requests

Pray for the new Bible-based Literacy trainers in Nepal as they begin classes in the mountainous area where the Gospel is seldom heard.

Praise God for the recent graduation of 36 new church planters in northern Peru in isolated Amazon regions of Puerto Galilea and Yutupis; may God use them to reach the many indigenous people who are without God’s Word.


Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Your gifts to Bible League International make it possible for our ministry to provide God’s Word to a world in need.


Kraybill Christmas Newsletter 2017

“I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people.  The Savior-yes, the Messiah, the Lord-has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David!”  Luke 2:10b-11

Merry Christmas from the Kraybill’s!

Dear Friends,

We’re so thankful for the gift of Jesus, and the salvation that He brings to the whole world!  We’re also thankful for each of you and your support in so many ways as we serve God here at Rift Valley Academy (RVA) in Kenya.

We have just finished up a 13-week term here at RVA which has felt like a marathon in many ways.  We have loved getting to know the 18 girls in our dorm, and coming alongside these girls as they live and grow here at RVA.   Rod has spent many hours this term playing ping pong with several of the girls, improving his and their skills.  Lori has spent a lot of time in the kitchen: cooking dorm meals and birthday suppers, making dorm and special treats….along with popping lots of popcorn!  Rod continues to work in his office helping AIM members with leadership training and coaching, while Lori has been working part time with the 4th grade in student support.  Please pray for us as we welcome these girls back into our home and lives in less than 4 weeks, along with a new girl to RVA.  Pray that our girls would have a wonderful month at home being with their families who work in 8 different countries in Africa.

This term has been difficult for the senior class, of which Anissa is a part of.  There have been some issues that have divided the class and caused a lot of hurt and pain.  Pray for Anissa and her class, that God would bring healing and reconciliation, and that these students would grow in their relationship with God and each other.  Anissa has applied to several college’s Occupational Therapy Assistant program in Florida.  Pray for Anissa as she continues in the application process, and that she would know God’s leading where to attend college next year.

Each Sunday at RVA, we pray for unreached people groups (UPG) in Africa.  This year each class has adopted an UPG that they will be praying for until they graduate.  Several of the classes presented their UPG’s on Sunday mornings this term.  Anissa’s class is praying for Libyan Arabs, 9th grade the Berbers, 6th grade the Islands (where we worked), and 2nd grade the Samburu.  How exciting that our students get to pray for people groups who don’t know Jesus, and that this puts UPG’s on the hearts of our students for the rest of their lives!  Pray for these UPG’s that they would come to know Jesus.

In just over a week, we will begin to welcome Rod’s family to Kenya, and on the very last flight Alanna and Autumn.  We will be 19 in total!  Pray for safety as the Kraybill clan travels to Kenya, along with our travels within Kenya while they’re with us.  We are so thankful to have extended family here for Christmas, and that we get to be together as a family during our girl’s college break, praise God!

This past October, AIM began a new online donation system which makes online giving easier for you.

Here is the link to our own personal page:

We have now been serving with AIM for 17 ½ years, and we continue to be so thankful to God for providing for all our needs, financial and otherwise!


Rod, Lori, Alanna, Autumn and Anissa

Tom and Leslie Johnson – December 2017

We hope those of you in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Our international American Thanksgiving with friends from four different countries: the US, Czechia, Albania, and Lebanon.
Leslie’s Baltic Trip
I had the privilege this month to travel to Lithuania and Latvia. I had two hats to wear: to visit Christian schools there on behalf of ACSI Europe; and to visit with families in Klaipeda, Lithuania, who are connected with our mission, Global Scholars.

With the ACSI hat on, I traveled with Mr. Lazslo Demeter, Director of ACSI Europe. We visited four Christian schools and a school set up for home schoolers. Each director had interesting stories to tell of God’s provision and help. But they also shared where they are struggling. Struggling with government requirements, finding enough Christian teachers, financial trials, etc.

In both Latvia and Lithuania, church schools are allowed. Depending on the country, there are different provisions from the government. Therein is the financial rub: in both countries, thousands have emigrated elsewhere to earn money, taking their children with them. The economies are struggling, so the government does not have enough money to pay for education.

None of the schools have just children from Christian homes. And none of the schools have 100% Christian staff. There just are not enough Christians in these countries. But they do serve their communities well and use the schools has opportunities to share the Gospel among both students and staff. One school even has a Bible just for non-Christian staff. They use this opportunity to explain “Christianese” to them and in the process, are able to share the good news of Jesus.

One exciting part of this visit was to hear the vision of the people running these schools. Whether to grow bigger to serve more in their communities or to start 100 Christian schools in the next few years, it is fun to hear what the Lord has put on their hearts.

With the Global Scholars hat on, I was able to meet with the families who serve at Lithuanian Christian College in Klaipeda, Lithuania. It was a joy for me to meet the Global Scholars kids, and hang out with the adults and talk about educational and other issues that families face when living outside their home culture. I also got to meet with two other moms not connected with Global Scholars but who are connected with the college.

Pray for Lithuania and Latvia. Pray for the Lord to raise up Christian teachers. Pray for the Lord to provide for these schools financially. Pray for the Global Scholars families serving in Lithuania.

Leslie with her Global Scholars families and with Laci Demeter and our translators at the Rainbow Way school in Klaipeda, Lithuania

A Vignette from Tom

When I walked into the hotel in Bogota I was greeted, “buenas tardes.” It was just after a rather long flight, so my mind was foggy. I think I responded in Czech, “dobrý den.” Four days later my high school Spanish was re-activated to the point that I ordered dinner in Spanish and got what I wanted. Two and a half days after that I walked into a Czech church to speak for a conference. When I was greeted “dobrý den,” I caught myself just before I said “buenos días.” I got the language right for the greeting! Fortunately, my speeches were in English.

My upcoming travel:

  • December 4 & 5, plenary speaker, Vietnam National University
  • December 14, meeting with the Cardinal President of the PCPCU (Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity) at the Vatican; this cardinal is a leader in Catholic efforts to respond to Christian persecution.
  • We travel to the US for two+ months. See the news about the sabbatical.
A report on our principles of interacting with Roman Catholic leaders, “Collaboration without Compromise,” is available here.
Tom and his translator at the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians Czech branch conference

An Upcoming Sabbatical:
Short but (Lord willing) Sweet!

The Lord is gracious to us. Last winter, we became convinced Tom should not be in Prague in the winter any longer. He was just getting too sick. We started praying. How in the world can one be a missionary snow bird? We knew the Lord would need to provide because we did not want to pay rent on two different places at the same time.

This winter, thanks to a colleague at Global Scholars, Keith Campbell, the Lord has provided a FREE mission house to stay in the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, area. We are humbled by God’s kindness to help Tom and thankful to friends who serve in this way.

During this time, Tom will be praying, resting, thinking, and Lord willing, planning and starting his next writing project. Leslie will be babysitting our new little grandson, as well as planning some workshops.

Tom will not be available to speak during this time. However, Leslie is available. Let us know if you would like information of what she could talk to a group about.

We leave for the US on December 15. Please pray for safe, uneventful travel, as well as a good time with our kids and their families at Christmas and Tom’s sabbatical.

Thank you so much!

We appreciate you all and are thankful for the Lord’s work through you!

In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.
Click here to donate now. Use the drop down menu to make your designation to “Prof – Johnson, Tom and Leslie.”

Global Scholars is equipped to receive financial gifts, as well as vehicles, real estate, stocks, precious metals, electronics, gift cards, commodities, jewelry, etc.

We thank the Lord for:

  • The successful speeches given at the Reformation 500 conference in October and the FEET (Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians) Czech Branch conference in November. Good conversations occurred at both events;
  • A safe and interesting trip of Leslie’s to Lithuania and Latvia with opportunities to talk to young people in their chapel programs;
  • Christian schools in the Baltic region;
  • The success and good healing of Tom’s cataract surgery.
Thank you! and Continue Praying

At the time of this writing, late November, we are still about $6,500 in deficit in our support.

Our humble thanks to those of you who gave generously over the last month or so. Thank you!!

Please continue praying for the Lord’s provision. We do not lose sleep over this because we know our God is sovereign over all things. If he cares about sparrows, he cares for us.

One thing to note: except when we go for support raising or the upcoming sabbatical, all of our travel for ministry is covered by other sources. It does not come from our support account.

Please pray for:

  • The Lord to cover our deficit.
  • The Lord to lead churches and individuals to increase their support as they are able.
Thank you for your prayer and financial support over the years. Without each one of you praying for us and many of you supporting us financially, we could not be doing what the Lord has called us to do at this time.

Please join us in praying for:

  • Our support account to get refurbished and general increase in support;
  • Continued safety in our travels: Tom to Vietnam and Rome; both of us to the US for sabbatical;
  • Tom’s presenting of an important speech in early December;
  • Christian schools in Central and Eastern Europe to find more Christian teachers; there is a huge shortage of Christian teachers and every school asks for prayer for more;
  • Persecuted Christians around the world who are suffering great loss;
  • The refugees in the Czech Republic and Europe as they try to make sense of their lives and survive;
  • Leslie’s work on websites for Tom and her, as well as developing potential speaking ministry.