Kraybill News – March 2019

Dear Prayer Partners,

Our trip went SO well.    Thank you for lifting us up in prayer and the ministry that we both are involved in.

Here are some highlights from our trip:

Kenya –

  • We were able to see all of our dorm daughters who are still at RVA, and many dear friends as well.
  • The time Rod had with the RVA leadership team was meaningful, insightful, and beneficial.
  • The conference for those working with Mu$lims from all around Africa went so well and we were able to connect with many coworkers.
  • Lori had a great time playing and spending time with the preschoolers of the workers at the conference.
  • We loved catching up with Lori’s brother and family who are serving at Rosslyn Academy in Nairobi, Kenya.

North Africa –

  • We visited the homes and shared meals with almost all of the workers with our company in this country. We could relate with the challenges of the work, and we pray we were an encouragement to them.
  • Rod co-facilitated a Life Coaching Skills workshop for 3 days and a training event called “4 Healthy Ways to Avoid Conflict.”  This was a highlight for Rod as he finds it energizing and rewarding to equip the saints for service, so that the body of Christ might be built up.  (Ephesians 4:12)
  • We received a LOT of positive feedback from the parents about the Third Culture Kids debrief that Lori was able to offer 8 kids in one of the cities we were in.

We feel like the Lord really directed our time on this trip to Kenya and North Africa.  We continue to be open to see where the Lord might be leading us next.  Thank you for your prayers for our time away.

As some of you might know, Mozambique just endured a very powerful cyclone.  Here is a report from one of the missionary families on the ground there:

We just received a message from Robert and Karis chronicling the events of the last 4 days. It is a truly heart rending account: mother in a tree with a baby and not reachable because of raging waters, people gashed from flying roofing sheets, cars overturned and submerged, expectant mothers giving birth in the midst of disaster, people terrified and immobilized by fear, people killed by collapsed walls, snakes swimming by while trying to rescue people causing more chaos, rescue rafts capsizing. Robert and Karis having to make life giving or the opposite decisions. And the rain continuing, and no end to the disaster in sight, no way in or out save by helicopter. So far none has shown up.  Do hold up these flesh and blood angels who are absolutely exhausted and without resources now, having given all they have.

Please lift up the AIM missionaries that are in Mozambique as they care for those around them with very limited and diminishing supplies.  If you would like to donate towards the relief work, just click on this link:

Until next time,

Rod & Lori Kraybill

CompassCare – March 2019

NY Abortion Laws Give Pro-Livers Opportunity

When New York’s legislature passed the now infamous Reproductive Health Act (RHA) in January, the nation staggered and drew back in shame and horror. People are shocked and disgusted at the barbarity of a State legislature applauding the fabricated human right to kill preborn boys and girls. It was as if people of conscience suddenly found themselves in a waking nightmare, looking at the dark mirror of the nation only to find a corpse staring back at them. Legislatures, like NY’s, are the blind leading the blind, self-righteous because they fancy their personal whims as the standard for righteousness, even as Governor Cuomo continues to pursue enshrinement of abortion in the state constitution.

The RHA is bad enough even though its true evil is not fully understood by most. But the situation is worse than most people imagine. The NY legislature is actively pursuing five other bills persecuting pro-life activity and at least four bills designed to protect, promote, and pay for Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.

The dike holding back this flood of bills broke because abortion extremists fear that the Supreme Court case legalizing abortion (Roe v Wade, January 22, 1973) will be overturned. This would send the issue of abortion back to the States to decide for themselves. Cuomo’s fears are well-founded as there are several cases in the judicial pipeline that would give the Supreme Court an opportunity to do just that. Bottom line: NY is preparing to become an abortion tourism destination, like it was prior to 1973. If this happens, the abortion rate in NY will likely double.

Now, not only must pro-life Christians continue helping women say “no” to abortion, swimming against the cultural tide, but now we must also fight for CompassCare’s right to do the lifesaving work. The silver lining behind this cloud is the realization that all of this is actually the unintended consequence of national pro-life success. So, the opportunity to lead the nation’s abortion battle through service falls to NY’s pro-life Christians.

Recently a good friend asked me what I am feeling in the face of these overwhelming odds. My answer is a picture of a blacksmith. In making any object, his three primary tools are a hammer, an anvil, and fire. When the blacksmiths of state seek to reshape the iron of society into something different than what it is, they use the heat of coercive power and the hammer of legislation. All this effort is brought to bear against the anvil. When a blacksmith labors with his tools, it is the anvil that takes the beating and the hammer that breaks. My prayer is that God makes pro-life Christians the anvil. The State can hit us all day long with the hammer of unjust legislation, but we will not bend or break. After all, there is Biblical precedent for people of faith resisting the unjust dictates of pagan rulers because we serve a higher law and a greater King, One to whom all will answer.

Make no mistake, NY’s legislature has waged war on pro-life Christians. We need to keep our head if we are going to have a chance at winning. This will be a long and arduous road. We must stick to the strategy. Remember, CompassCare was born into the crucible of pro-life hostility that is NY, has been taking hammer strikes for decades, and saw this last blow coming for years. CompassCare developed and is actively implementing a strategy to both protect the livesaving work and continue to expand it. Pro-life people are angry and rightly so. Many Christians are waking up and so they should. Now is not the time to chase nifty pro-life novelties in a flailing attempt to recover some semblance of civility. Now is the time to let our righteous indignation steel our resolve.

CompassCare continues to be the nation’s pioneer at reaching and serving abortion-minded women in such a way that they have their babies. It has worked so well in Rochester that the abortion rate dropped 58% in the last eight years. So, Governor Cuomo and his band of legislative gangsters can legalize their favorite flavor of killing all they want, but it won’t matter if women don’t want abortions. Our lives are ordained by God for this time and in this place to demonstrate faithfulness to Him and love for our preborn neighbor who needs it most. Our job is to relentlessly endure, and in the enduring, expand. We must be the anvil upon which the hammer of the State breaks because we are people of faith, witnesses of the Word of God. As Jesus says, “Heaven and earth will pass away but My words will not pass away” (Matthew 24:35).

CareNet of Wayne County, NY

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Join us at Ohmann Theater in Lyons on Thursday, March 28 for a pre-release screening of Unplanned. 
Tickets are free ($7 value). Donations to underwrite the cost are being accepted. 
Doors open at 6:00 pm, movie at 7:00 pm
Following the movie there will be a short message by Jason McQuire of the Family Research Council. 
Please encourage your youth pastor/leaders to consider bringing a group of young people. If you are a grandparent consider babysitting so young parents can attend. Invite friends and neighbors to join you. We hope to reach the next generation and those that are undecided with the truth. 
Call us at 315-573-7833 or stop by the office to reserve your tickets. A limited quantity will be available at the door. 

Kraybill News – February 2019

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and in ministry!

We wanted to give you an overview about our upcoming trip:

Depart from Florida – February 8th

Kenya – February 9th to 19th

North Africa – February 19th to March 3rd

Arrive back in Florida – March 4th

We are looking forward to visiting Kenya and North Africa.  We are open to see where the Lord might be leading us next.  We would ask that you pray with us as we travel.  Here are our requests:

  • That we would be an encouragement and come alongside those we visit on this trip
  • That the training events would equip workers for the ministry at hand and the expansion of His Kingdom
  • That we would be adaptable to the normal challenges of overseas travel, meetings, training events, and ministry opportunities
  • That the Father would receive all the Glory for any lasting fruit that comes from this trip to Kenya and North Africa.

Thank you again for your prayers and partnership with us.

We will let you know how it goes once we return.

He is the reason we serve!

Until next time,

Rod & Lori Kraybill

Hautle Happenings, February 2019

Dear praying friend,
When we started writing our newsletter not too long ago, we had 14 inches of snow.
Today we hit 66 degrees (19C)—which was a nice change from the past few weeks’ weather.
We’re also rejoicing that God has already started answering prayers. Of the financial need we share in the enclosed newsletter, nearly a third has already been raised—all to God’s glory.
We want to thank you for your continued prayers—we’re in need of them daily!
In Christ,
-Brent, Jen, Amy and Christopher Hautle

Hautle 2-2019

Field’s news – February 2019


“It has never been so loud in our house as last

night when we were playing the game

‘superfight’ with a bunch of students!”

By living here among the students, we get to have them in our home at any moment’s notice, and we LOVE it!

Another cool thing is that after they graduate, we get to follow them and see how God is living through them to spread His name around the world.

Here are 2 very encouraging examples of 2 students who had some exciting news this week!

“I just had my LAST language evaluation ever!! I am still in shock. 10 years ago I started praying for the tribe the Lord wanted us to  go to and a person to teach me the language. There have been a ton of women help me, but Tsame has been the main faithful one! So thankful for her, and that we are one step closer to telling her the truth about God!” #reachWANTAKIA


“BIG news! I am so, SO proud of this guy. We just had our language consultants out, we had our language evaluations…and Jack is DONE! He is done with language study! He has officially been cleared to start Bible translation in the Wantakia language!! This day has been a long time coming. He wasn’t nervous, he wasn’t scrambling to brush up on grammar or study the night before, he just walked in and killed it! It was a precious moment getting to tell Keko, who helps Jack without fail every week, that his work has carried fruit! It is by God’s grace and help that our team has gotten this crazy, complex language so fast. The day is coming soon when the Wantakia people will get to hear God’s story for the first time in their heart language!”

Lenzes View – January 2019

Answered Prayer

In July I asked you all to pray for a man and his wife as I was taking them through the Creation to Christ Bible lessons. He had heard parts of the teaching before, but kept missing key lessons and was not able to put the pieces of the Gospel together to see how it applied to him. This particular man is one who, in the past, has caused quite a bit of grief for our team, and I equated loving him to be something similar to hugging a porcupine. As we know, the Holy Spirit is the one who changes lives and His word says that the faithful prayers of a righteous man produces much fruit. I want to thank you for your prayers for this man as God has removed the veil from his eyes and he now understands the message of the Gospel and proclaims that he is trusting the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ Jesus on his behalf for salvation. He states, “For 19 years I used God’s name and thought I was doing his work, but it was all for my own gain. I realize that was all a waste and is not what will get me to heaven.” Please continue to pray as our new brother in Christ is hungry for more teaching. Pray for his wife as she is conflicted in what to do with the teaching she has received. On the one hand, she would like to believe and put her faith in Christ, but on the other hand, she knows this will result in ridicule from family and friends.

Purposeful Planting

I was visiting my friend James the other day and looked down and saw bean sprouts growing out of a pile of rocks. Oddly enough, I had gone to his house that day in order to ask him if he’d be willing to allow me to walk him through our Bible lessons one-on-one. In the past, we have done many large and small group Bible “courses”, and the results have been as Christ described in Mark 4. Recently, due to our limited time and resources, we’ve been discussing being more intentional with where we sow the seed of the Word.

James was one of my language helpers when we moved here in 2009. His wife, a young believer now, has been growing in her walk with the Lord and she’s been devouring the teaching she’s been getting. James has been on my heart for a long time, but he has never really been interested in making the time to listen to the teaching. Now seems to be the right time! I shared with him that his efforts in helping me to learn their language was not without a purpose. The purpose was to be able to share God’s Word with them; but many others are reaping the benefits of his hard work while he has nothing to show for it. He said he wants to hear the Bible teaching and we settled on Monday and Wednesday evenings at his house for the venue. Please pray for James as you did for our brother mentioned above. Pray that the soil of his heart will be ready to receive the seed of the Gospel and that God’s Word will impact him and his family in unimaginable ways.

One More Request

Please also be praying for Robyn and Krystiana as they’re supposed to be leaving from Michigan on Thursday, the 31st, to begin their journey back to PNG. Please pray that the weather will cooperate and flights will not be canceled. Pray for safety and energy for them as they travel. Pray especially for Robyn, Krystiana, and Michael as it is going to be difficult for them to part again for the next several months.

Thank you for standing with us in this ministry.

Levi & Robyn Lenz
Serving the North Wahgi people
of Papua New Guinea
Facebook: Lenz’s View





Good News Jail & Prison Ministry


Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

As we embark on 2019, I wanted to let you know what you helped to accomplish in our jails in Monroe and Wayne County. Your prayers and partnership made an incredible impact and a large investment in the Kingdom of God!


First time decisions for Christ – 482 men and women

Life re-dedications to Christ – 128 men and women

Bibles distributed – 2,000+

Bible lessons graded – 7,000+

We also began a partnership with American Bible Society to bring trauma healing groups into the Monroe County Jail and Monroe Correctional Facility. These groups address the deep rooted trauma that many have experienced and what the Bible has to say about it. We touch on 5 major areas:

– If God loves us, why do we suffer?

– How can the wounds of our heart heal?

– What happens when someone is grieving?

– Taking your pain to the cross.

– How can we forgive others?

We thank God for your faithfulness and continued support of our mission: to see that every inmate hears a clear message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are thankful for what you accomplished in 2018 and are extremely excited to see what the Lord has in store for you in 2019.

May the Lord Jesus Christ keep you and your loved one’s safe, protected and continually showered with grace and a peace that passes all understanding.

Brian Duclos


130 South Plymouth Avenue, Rochester, NY 14614 (585) 753-4032