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Come to the Well


Come to the Well…

Over the last two weeks hundreds of people have walked past our house on their way up to a small stream in the mountain which has just recently been credited with having healing power. “When I drank the water it felt hot in my stomach and it felt like it was bubbling. I thought I was going to vomit. It was doing its work,” said one person. Yet another said, “I didn’t experience anything like that. Maybe I didn’t drink enough!” Another person who said that they drank from the water and didn’t get any help was told that it was because he didn’t have enough belief in the water. One old man in our church said, “When I was young I used to set traps in that area all the time and I would drink that water. Look, I’m old now. That water hasn’t helped me at all! It’s a lie.”

As people have come from near and far, some afoot and some literally by the truck load, in search of “the healing water,” I’m reminded of the lyrics of a song by Mercy Me which state,

“I have what you need,
But you keep on searchin’,
I’ve done all the work,
But you keep on workin’,
When you’re runnin’ on empty,
And you can’t find the remedy,
Just come to the well.

And all who thirst will thirst no more,
And all who search will find what their souls long for,
The world will try, but it can never fill,
So leave it all behind, and come to the well.”

It is so sadly ironic that people literally walk past the place where they can learn about the True Life Giving Water in search of something they hope will healing on this earth. Their souls are searching, longing, for something to believe in, something to fill a void in their life, but they just don’t know what it is. Please pray for minds to be unveiled to Satan’s schemes and so that they will hear the Word of Truth and be lead to the True Well.


A welcomed homecoming…

Robyn and Krystiana arrived safely in the US on Christmas day in order to spend the next six weeks with Michael. We would appreciate your prayers as Krystiana is struggling with being away from home. In addition to that, Krystiana started getting sick on the way to the US and has continued to suffer from fevers daily since then. The doctor said today that she’s got an ear infection and has given her some antibiotics. Michael has been struggling with a cold for the last couple weeks and the antibiotics aren’t really working so they gave him some stronger ones today as well. Robyn said she’s starting to get a sore throat. What a way to bring in the New Year. We’d appreciate your prayers for everyone’s health. Also please pray that Michael, Robyn, and Krystiana will have good memory-building times together. Pray for Daniel, Matthew, and me as we hold down the fort in their absence.

Thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement, and support of our family and the North Wahgi church planting ministry.

Happy New Year!

Levi & Robyn Lenz

Serving the North Wahgi people

of Papua New Guinea


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