Ethnos 360 – Field Family


I’m sitting here at the reception desk for the Bible School, and there is so much excitement in the air!

The students are racing down the halls for their exams, marking the end of their semester!

How can it be that Reece is now a Sophomore? His semester has been filled with incredible relationship building and memory making…but from the inside, in the students’ world. While Dave, Clark and I continue to have students in our home into our world. It’s really interesting seeing the two worlds work hand-in-hand.

Dave passed his Seminary Greek class!

God helped Dave keep all his plates spinning this semester, while at the same time taking a once a week night class at seminary which he loved! We have so many praises!

  • Clark was invited to a high school Bible study, which is perfect timing!  God always knows what we need, when we need it!
  • God has given us good health and strength to keep up with this exciting, extreme pace of college life!
  • We 4 get to be home together for Christmas!!

Your prayers for us mean so much!
We thank you!!
Merry Christmas!!!