Thanksgiving Eve Service (7:00PM, Wednesday, November 21)

Marion Community Thanksgiving Eve Service

Servicio de Acción de Gracias

7:00PM, Wednesday, November 21, 2018



Call to Worship #787 Give Him Thanks

*Hymn of Praise # 790 We Gather Together


Unison Readings:  Psalm/Salmo 100

Hymn:  Forever/Siempre

Congregational Prayer of Thanksgiving

Oración Congregacional de Acción de Gracias

Hymn #794 Let All Things Now Living

Scripture:  Ephesians/Efesios 5:6-21

Meditation:  Spirit-Filled Christians are Grateful Christians/Cristianos llenos del Espíritu son cristianos agradecidos

Prayer for Blessing on the Word

*Hymn of Response # 10 Majesty/Majesdad



Accompanist:  Linda Kellogg

Leading in Prayer:  Pastor Alfredo Resendiz; Pastor Mike McOrmond

Preacher:  Pastor Don White

Sound Tech:  Shawn Burditt