Field News – Ethnos 360

Our family is doing well here at Bible School!

Thank you so much for praying & partnering with us!

Reece is thriving as a Freshman here at Bible School. He has amazing friends, is loving studying the Word, and has great stories from his job as a public school bus driver. He doesn’t get enough sleep because of all the homework plus endless social opportunities. ūüôā¬†We miss having him home, but could not be happier for him in every way.

Clark is maturing into a godly young man who is respectful, loyal, caring, and very wise. He is acing school, loves playing guitar, studying martial arts, and is just about to get¬†his drivers license! He does miss his brother as they are best friends, but the 3 of us have begun new family traditions as a three-some. We are enjoying this year together before he gets a job this summer when he is 16!¬† …So much change for poor Mom!

Dave & I are racing at the pace of 18-22 year olds!

The activities around here are never-ending and we pick and choose how many we can be involved in.

  • We love our¬†girls/guys dorm family who¬†we spend extra time with. We make time for a lot of one-on-ones.
  • Dave is a leader over the teaching team, and¬†is needing 2 new teachers since¬†a couple retired. The load on the few is heavy right now.
  • We get a front-row seat to the students’ growth, which¬†is a testament to God’s Word being active through classes, dorm life, friendships and everyday life. God is at work, and the beautiful lives here continue to encourage us every day!

Thank you for your love & prayers. We are so thankful to be here!!
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field