Renes’ News – 9/29/18

Mexico, Tojolabal Translation


the bad news… a dear friend of many, many years has gone blind. When we lived in the village, learning to speak Tojolabal, Demetrio would often come over and help us understand both the language and culture. He has always been a great friend and has been a translator for many years. He struggled with diabetes and about one year ago completely lost his sight. He now listens and gives suggestions. It is encouraging to see that he wants to help bring the translation the finish line. Listening to the text is a key task now for the team in general, so he contributes quite a bit.

the good news… a very gifted young lady has joined the team. We have known Elly for a number of years. She would often be busy in the kitchen, preparing the food for us throughout the day. She is a daughter-in-law of another translator. Now, when we sit in the kitchen, instead of serving us – she joins us. More importantly, despite no translation nor Biblical studies, she has had an immediate impact. We often say every translation needs both men and women, so having a woman is great and the fact that she is young is a bonus. The Tojolabal Bible needs to be understood by young and old, men and women, literate or illiterate. She is helping the message reach more.

So as the team approaches finishing, (maybe in 2 or 3 years) God is providing for their needs. It was a great week with the team. Even though I can’t be with them very often I thankful for weeks like this one.

Thanks for your prayers for the Tojolabals.