Field News – December 2017


17 Of our awesome Bible school students graduated today!!!
Praise the Lord, 11 of them want to be involved in full-time ministry!!! The others are not sure exactly what the Lord has for them next, but they are “moving forward” with the Lord as their guide.

There is nothing better than knowing our students know the Lord, are in love with Him and desire to follow Him all the days of their lives!

Celebrate with us at this good news!

Thank you for partnering with our family so that we can be a part of the lives of the students here as they learn, grow and prepare for what the Lord has for them next.

Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field

A HUGE praise we want to share with you…

#1 While Dave was teaching full time this semester, he was also continuing his education at seminary. (He takes one class per semester…the 5 year plan:) He learned a ton, loved the class, and passed with flying colors!!

#2 God touched a church’s heart to pay for Dave’s seminary class for next semester! Dave had already registered to start the new class January 10th even though we didn’t have the funds for it yet… and then God provided the money, showing us He really does want Dave to continue taking classes. It’s sooo cool when He shows us we are doing the right thing and takes care of the path ahead of us.