Bible League, September 2017

To get to the remote church in Mtendere, Zambia, you travel dusty roads through crowded, makeshift slums, and the smoke of smoldering fires choking the air. But then you see the tin-roofed church and dozens of children running to the sound of singing from within. “My girl’s life has completely changed,” a mother says, “you can ask her yourself—she’s right there. Her name is Sarah.” When the Project Philipfor Children Bible study ends, Sarah skips toward her mother and answers a simple question this way, “The Bible taught me about Jesus, and I love Jesus because he loves me.” Sarah’s mother adds, “The reason Sarah can read is because of this Bible study. There is no school for her because we are poor. But this has changed her life. It has changed all our lives.”

Latest News

This Was My Opportunity

Young Asuncion lives with his wife and children in Ocoyutla barrio of Puebla, Mexico—the fourth largest city in Mexico with millions of residents crowded together in the daily fight against poverty. Like almost everyone in this barrio, Asuncion migrated here several years ago in search of opportunity, but instead he found only hardship.

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God’s Word for the First Time

From Manila, the nation’s capital, it is a two-hour flight to reach the province of Davao in southern Mindanao. This is the same area seemingly overwhelmed by rising tensions and violence as religious fanatics and government soldiers battle for a stronghold of Islam in the Philippines. And this is where God’s Word is reaching and transforming the lives of people who are hearing the Gospel for the first time.

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Prayer Requests

Pray for God’s protection for believers and churches in a small village in Tamil Nadu, India as religious radicals in the area are targeting their Project Philip Bible study and intimidating those who attend.

Praise God for the hundreds of children who heard God’s Word in summer camps in Erseka, Tirana, and Pogradec, Albania; may the Gospel transform their lives and reach their families.

Pray for the thousands impacted by the earthquakes in Mexico. Already stretched, under-resourced churches in the area rushed to aid and comfort those who lost what little they had. In the midst of their troubles, fearful aftershocks and forced from their homes, join us in praying for God’s protection and care.