Bible League, August 2017

“We know God sent us this Project Philip Bible study after so many years of praying because now we can understand God’s Word and how to help others see the Gospel,” a believer from the Mieng tribal people living in northern Vietnam offers. “After so many years without God’s Word, thanks to you we have this gift.” Most are farmers in the Nguyan Province, about 100km north of Hanoi, and others live in rugged mountainous areas beyond roads, “but today there is a church of Mieng believers and God has blessed us because we can now understand the Bible.” This is how God’s Word is transforming lives today—because of your help, lives are being transformed.

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Changing Lives in Nicaragua

There is a small school in the barrio called Vista al Xolotlan in Managua, Nicaragua’s capital. The community is very poor and education is scarce in this crowded place, leaving the children without hope. Families migrated from the poverty of their small villages searching for opportunity in Nicaragua’s largest city, but all they found was more poverty, high crime, and it’s their children who pay the price.

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New Life for a Troubled People

In Angol, a busy city in the Malleco Province of southern Chile, Pastor Alberto tells a story of hardship, determination, and hope. The small church where he serves is just minutes from the city, but it seems like a different world. “I have seen firsthand the pain in Mapuche faces. I’ve served in other churches in Chile, but God brought me back here,” he relays, “and it’s here that I know God’s Word is needed.”

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Daily Encouragement from God’s Word

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Prayer Requests

Pray for the Project Philip Bible study training in the women’s division of Cook County Jail in Chicago; ask God to transform their lives as they find hope and new life in Jesus Christ.

Praise God for the continued reach of Project Philip Bible studies in southern Matola and Boana, Mozambique-areas of extreme poverty and little access to God’s Word.