Letter from Circle C Ranch – August 2016

Dear Friends,

I want to say Thank You for your continue support of this ministry.  We have had a terrific summer and are so grateful for all the Lord has done.

We are into our last week and it truly has been a soul-winning summer.  Young people have come to Christ every week and that is so exciting.  I also had a special blessing as 3 of my 4 grand-children worked at camp this summer.  The other grandchild will have to wait until she is 14.

Next week we will have a 3-day wrestling camp.  We had our first one last year with 50 young people and it was a great success.  This year we will double that number and we are grateful for that.  This is another avenue for us to share Christ with young people.

Following the wrestling camp we will have our Family Weekend Retreat and it is packed out with a waiting list.  After this event we have a little breather before we start in again with our Fall program.

We are grateful for your support in both your prayers & finances.  Thank You so much and may God richly bless you in the days that lie ahead. I remain

Yours for His glory,

Wes Aarum


Circle C Ranch