Dave & Kim Fields End of Summer Update – July 2016

Three top favorites of this summer…

Yes! Students are headed this way to begin the FALL SEMESTER here at New Tribes Bible Institute, so its time to wrap up summer. Here are 3 of our main events of this Summer:

  1. Dave and I went away on a week trip to celebrate our 20th Wedding anniversary!!! We feel beyond blessed to have each other in our adventure of life!
  2. Our family vacation this year was a canoe trip into back-country where we camped in God’s beautiful creation!
  3. Big News...Dave is going back to school! He will continue his normal teaching here at Bible School every day, and at the same time he will take one class per semester at a seminary near us. He is super excited to learn a ton and apply it to his daily teaching.


Thank you for your prayers for us as we transition from summer to the arrival of our incredible students!
Dave, Kim, Reece & Clark Field