From the Lenz’s View – July 2016

One Month In…

Our family has been back in our village in North Wahgi for just over a month now. Settling in has been a bit rough as different family members began experiencing various health issues within our first week back. So far, someone has been sick each week that we’ve been back. After treating Krystiana with antibiotics for what appeared to be an ear infection, she broke out with a nasty full-body rash. Not knowing whether the rash was an allergic reaction to the medicine or whether it was a viral rash, we stopped the antibiotics and treated the symptoms of the rash (which did subside after about one day). Just last week Robyn saw a little girl in the village with similar symptoms as Krystiana, including the full-body rash without taking the medicine. So I guess this will just have to go in the books with a question mark.


One Year Old…

We are glad that our little princess was feeling better last week so we could celebrate her birthday on Saturday. It is hard to imagine that she is now one year old. Where did the time go. We are so thankful for this little girl.


Bible Teaching and Discipleship…

The teaching through 1 Timothy is coming to an end. The believers have been encouraged and challenged to hear and study the content of this book. In our men’s Bible study time on Monday, the guys shared with me the stark contrast between Paul’s words to Timothy regarding caring for widows and how they’re treated here. He said that when an older woman’s husband dies around here, if she doesn’t have any children of her own, people will often run the widow off to the village where she was born and raised in order that they can get her land. Oh how great it will be when we see the church begin to follow the biblical principles such as caring for the widows.

Robyn has really been enjoying leading the women’s Tuesday Bible study meeting. Our co-worker Rachel had started a study on the various women of the Bible. The women have really enjoyed this study as they have been able to identify with some of their struggles and hear how God has worked in their lives individually. In this culture, the women are treated more as property and with little respect. For these women to see that God places value and takes interest in them endears them more and more to Christ. Most recently, Robyn began a study in Proverbs 4:23-27. She has been very excited and encouraged to hear the discussions that follow each lesson as the ladies challenge each other with how they can live this out in their own lives. In addition to this, the teen girls have been meeting once a month to be discipled in the Scriptures with hopes of seeing them grounded in truth before they leave the village for marriage or higher education.

While we were home Rachel had begun to disciple two ladies in the Sunday school ministry. It has been wonderful to see individuals taking ownership and the beginning of the passing of the baton for the various ministries within the church. Robyn continues to meet with one of the ladies weekly to walk through the lessons.


Prayer Points…

We thank you for your continued prayers and support as we serve the Lord and the North Wahgi people. Below are some specific ways you can be joining us in prayer.

  • Pray for our co-workers’ safe return to PNG. They have been home spending time with Dan’s dad who was in failing health and just passed away early this week. Please pray for their whole family during this time. We are so glad they were able to be home this past month and were able to have quality time in making lasting memories together. Pray for Dan and Rachel to have the strength, energy, and wisdom to handle all that needs to be taken care of before their return in just a few weeks.
  • Pray for Robyn as she gears up for the upcoming year of home schooling.
  • Pray for Robyn’s students, that they will have a desire to learn and be respectful to their teacher.
  • Pray for continued progress in the Scripture translation.
  • Pray for godly men to be raised up to take on the leadership of the church.