Dave & Kim Field’s Spring Break (Missions Update)

Spring Break was amazing!!

Three things happened for our family:

1) We got to travel to Pennsylvania with our Bible School Senior class for a week at NEW TRIBES Mission TRIBAL MISSIONS experience.
2) We got to visit my sister Vicki in Pennsylvania and spend Easter weekend with her family!
3) Our boys had birthdays!!! Clark turned 13 and Reece turned 17!!!

That Tribal Missions Experience was special!! We got to live with our 40 students as they got a huge eye full of what it would be like to be a missionary in a tribal setting!

There were classes on how to learn a culture, and a language. We entered a large room that was decorated like a village with some missionaries painted black and speaking a different language, and it was our job to try to learn a few of their words! The classes on understanding peoples world view and how to live in a tribal setting were so real! The students got to butcher a pig and cook it in a hot pit in the ground, sleep in hammocks in primitive cabins, and walk a 3 mile hike past 18 waterfalls. It wasn’t all work and no play though…We enjoyed volleyball, playing games together late, and of course enjoying delicious food. It is hard to describe that week, but the students were shown the heart of the Lord for people groups who have never had a missionary yet. They came away with a much clearer picture of where there are needs, what New Tribes missionaries do and what it could possibly be like for them to be tribal missionary. Reece said “I’ve never been so proud to be a New Triber!”